Sudha Society observed the Women’s Equality Day on 26th August 2016 at A1 Block south city 2 Gurgaon 122018 and honoured 21  social workers  of different field including Education , Music ,  Social work, Writing  work , Organic Farming etc and gave them Certificate of appreciation and Momentoes.

The society is running open schools in South City  2 Gurgaon through volunteers of residents of South City 2 Gurgaon. About 250 residents/ children  attended the program. Mr. Bhatnagar President Sudha society explained the gathering that women are doing excellent social work in all the field which requires recognition so that other should follow them and by this way, people in India would keep its cultural tradition of seva in their way of life.

The other countries of world would also follow this in their life in order to help needy people at the time of need. Sh. Neeraj Yadav  president RWA, South City 2 Gurgaon , Sh. K K Singh Secretary RWA south city 2 Gurgaon ,Sh. Vijay Kumar Former Executive Director ONGC, Sh. Ved Pal Singh Maan  Senior Citizen  from Mayfield Garden Sh. Rajan Goyal  Senior officer from Corporate , Sh. Kailash Verma  DGM  IBM , Mrs. Naveen Sharma, social worker Sh. S R Sapra  Former GM  from Haryana Govt. Dept  Sh. D. Kaushik former Principal of  Govt. School,  Neha Arora  Social Worker, Sh P . Sridhar  Sr. officer in Canara Bank Housing Finance etc. were presented with the certificate of appreciation  and mementoes.

The program was well appreciated by all the residents.

The following volunteers of Gurgaon were honoured by the society .They are 1) Mrs. Charu Wadwa ( Social work in Education ) from D1 block south city 2 .  2) Mrs. Pushpa Payala  A block  south city 2 ( Education ) 3) Sanjoli Jha from Unitech Residency Gurgaon (Education) 4) Mrs. Anu Arora from A 1 Block South City 2 Gurgaon 5) Mrs. Chabbi Sharma from A block south city 2 Gurgaon 6) Mrs Shefali Gupta from Escape Nirwana Gurgaon ( Education ) 7 ) Dr. Shatabadi Shankar from Sohna Road  Gurgaon (Education) 8) Pria Sachdeva from sector 45 Gurgaon  ( Education ) 9) Mrs. Pratibha Sharma  from A block south city 2  ( Yoga ) 10) Mrs. Deepa Garg from A block South City 2 Gurgaon ( Education )

11) Mrs. Kiran Sharma from Nile Uppal South City 2 Gurgaon ( Singing )12) Mrs. Indrani Khanna  from A block South City 2 Gurgaon  ( social work ) 13) Mrs. Savita Sayal  from A block  South City 2 Gurgaon ( Literature  Writing ) 14) Mrs. Padma Nandyal from the South City 2. Gurgaon ( Environment protection )

15) Mrs. Vidya Sangwan from Sector 56 Gurgaon  ( Education ) 16) Mrs. Swetha Chawla  from Rosewood City Gurgaon  ( singing ) 17) Mrs. Raksha Raina from A1 block South City 2 Gurgaon ( Music )18) Mrs. Neetu Choudhary  ( Education ) 19)Mrs. Chabbi Sharma From A Block South City 2 Gurgaon ( Education ) 20) Mrs. Bambra Manjeet  from Rosewood City Gurgaon(Education )  21)Mrs. Manpreeth Kaur  ( Organic Farming )

The program was conducted by sh. G K Bhatnagar, President  Sudha society, and Sh. Pramod Kumar Treasurer, Sh.SC. Jain secretary   Sh. Akash Agarwal  Executive Member of Sudha society were present in the Program.The Society also organised the cultural program during this event.

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