Students and teachers of CD International School in the Gurugram city, as part of the Women Empowerment, made A 200-foot long Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan Day which has attracted the attention of the media and public. This is also a record of its kind created in the city.

Over 20 students and 5 teachers worked for over a week to make the giant Rakhi, measuring 200-ft long, made up of colour full charts, stones, Styrofoam, silk cloth, ribbon/lace, mats, flex colour prints, rope, besides other decorative materials.

The venue has other attractions too. A sound-and-light show by students; film screening, the exhibition on spirituality, meditation and social messages apart from a meditation hut. Besides, there will be mass meditation, cultural programmes and contests in drawing, singing and dance on the theme of Women Empowerment. During the Raksha Bandhan Festival, it is planned to tie Rakhi for over 1000 people.

The programme started with lamp lighting by our honourable Chief Guest Mr Sushil Sarwan SDM of Gurugram, Director Mr Yashpal Yadav, Chairperson Mrs Rekha Yadav, Principal Mrs Rajbala Yadav. The programme began with a musical performance by students. Followed by a musical ballet depicting relation of brother and sister.

The giant rakhi has been installed to create awareness on women empowerment and social evils such as alcoholism, addiction, atrocities on women and also global warming and deforestation.


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