The two-day social tennis event organized by Ryders Tennis Academy Gurugram saw around 80 participants in different categories for men and women producing incredible tennis.  

Tennis players in NCR gathered on a balmy weekend morning to celebrate the love of the game—to participate in the tournaments and meet like-minded people dabbling different roles but unwavering focus on tennis.

Participants included an eclectic mix of experienced players from the International Tennis Federation circuit, an enthusiastic group of Japanese and a large number of players hailing from Assam. There was a healthy mix of experienced players who played in childhood and continued with the game, some played as children resuming the sport recently and others who took up the sport in later life.

But aside from the difference in background, each player was fired with the same enthusiasm to compete and enjoy the game. The result was some keenly fought matches, valiant fight for each point and feisty tennis that will remain etched in the minds of all participants.

Although a friendly spirit pervaded the event, it was inspiring to see the focus and competitiveness amongst players. Despite the air of informality, there was intense objectivity as players keenly observed matches, debated points and exchanged notes.

The superb weather added to the excitement and the open bar ensured spirits were high all the time. People mixed easily making new friends and plan to meet up and practice together after the event.

The tournament was played as league matches with the two top winners from both sides playing the finals. The categories included Women’s singles, Men’s singles (35 + and 55+ categories), Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

The winners were:

Ladies Singles

Winner - Erina Hirose 

Runner up - Sri Vidyani

Ladies Doubles

Winner - Balaka Barua Agarwal / Jinu Bhandari

R.Up -  Nazneen Zaffar / Madhuri Sharma

Mixed Doubles 

Winner - Nazneen Zaffar / Rahul Choudhury

R.Up-. Balaka Barua Agarwal / Pawan Jain

35+ Mens Singles

Winner - Deepak Marwaha

R.Up - Sandeep Betala

35+ Mens Doubles 

Winner - Sandeep Betala / Rajan Beri 

R. Up - Rajat Mahaja / Kunal Dutta 

55+  Mens Singles 

Winner - Rakesh Kohli

Runners Up - SM Sharma

55+  Mens Doubles

Winner - Rakesh Kohli / Ajeet Bhardwaj

Runners up - Koji Izawa / Pawan Jain


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