Top BJP leaders and activities from Gurgaon today had the opportunity to listen message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly through video conference at Ramlila Maidan of  Arjun Nagar Gurugram.

Senior BJP Leader and Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Co-operative Federation GL Sharma, BJP national secretary RP Singh and state secretary Mukesh Gaur were present in the meeting.

Addressing the gathering G L Sharma exhorted to BJP workers to work with the Prime Minister and work for the country and to spread the people welfare policies of the BJP government among the people. "Brave youth of our country are on the border with the determination to uphold the security and integrity of the country.  They are fully prepared to protect the country. Every Indian should offer them all kind of support to them," said G L Sharma.

GL Sharma further said that the Prime Minister, through his message, told the people of the country that the present tenure was to meet the requirements and the upcoming tenure will now fulfil the aspirations of the people of the country. The prime minister in his message also said that we should make contact with First Time Voters for fulfilling the concept of New India.

Present on the occason were Arjun Mandal Chairman Mahesh Vashishth, OBC Front District President Prem Chand Maurya, Former BJP District President Tilakraj Malhotra, Dayanand Mandal Maha Ajit Bharadwaj, Somadatta Vashishth, Sudesh Verma, Tarvanti Tuteja, Neha Verma, Yogesh Kaushik, Dinesh Thakur, Sumit Sharma, Rajan Dutt, Jaikishan Sharma, Ishu Balam , Naresh Kumar,  Omkarnath Khurana,  Ramesh , Joginder, Yashoda Devi, Madhu Khurana, Mahendra Muni, Vikas Malhotra, Basant Kumar, Praveen Ktana, Ajay Thaku


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