It’s that time of the year again when parents and students alike are tensed as exams are just around the corner. Common complains while preparing for the exam is a loss of energy, worry, headaches or forgetfulness. Kids get stressed out over trivial matters of not remembering that math problem or formula in science or that meaning of the definition they have just read.

Don’t let their hard work go in vain; instead, try these simple tips to boost your child’s memory so that they succeed with flying colours.

1. Yoga

Yoga helps in not only keeping you fit but helps in keeping your brain active. There are many asanas that help to improve memory, especially during exams. Yoga experts recommend that even 15 minutes of yoga can help students to overcome symptoms of anxiety, tension and pressure.

2. Get enough sleep

Staying late up all night and not getting enough sleep may also slow down your child’s memory. Ensure that your child gets his proper 8 -9 hours of sleep. Not getting enough hours to sleep will not only hamper your child’s memory but can also result in low concentration levels and inability to do well in school.

3. Meditation

A little meditation can do lot of wonders for the brain. Meditation encourages blood flow to the brain resulting in better memory, understanding and comprehension. Many schools encourage meditation along with yoga to help your child to focus and relieve stress. Meditation gives a life-long skill to build brain function and retention.

4. Eating healthy

Eating food rich in iron and zinc can improve memory and concentration. This will boost mental alertness and prepares them with long hours of study. Avoid foods which have added sugar and give them small snacks to keep their brain active. Give them handful of nuts or nuts mixed with dried fruit, a banana or other fresh fruit, hot milk and honey or another healthy snack to keep their brain active.

5. Get off the gadgets

Mobile or television viewing changes the very structure and wiring of their brains resulting in negative ability to focus and retention. Its best to limit your child’s screen time as their brains are just developing and during exams it would be best that they keep it aside as it will help them to focus and perform better.

6.  Distraction-free environment

Most of the children respond well in the environment that is both soothing and calm while there are other kids who like a lot of hustle bustle. But while your child is preparing for exams ensure that there is not much disturbance at their place of study. Keep all the study material including their stationary at hand so that your child does not get up every now and then to get anything. This also helps them keep track of how much is left to study so that they can manage time better to improve focus and concentration.

7. Time management

Fix a particular timetable on your child’s desk so he understands time management and programs their brain to know when he has to study or play. It also increases the child’s concentration in studies as the brain is programmed once they follow the schedule and are prepared for the same. So that you are not dragging him to do all the tasks, once a routine is maintained the child will follow it automatically.

It is not difficult to boost your child’s memory, like any skill, this too can be improved by maintaining consistency. Follow these tips improve concentration and memory to do well in their exams.  


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