Senior BJP leader and Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Limited GL Sharma congratulated Indian Army, BJP Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its decision to strike inside Pakistan targeting the terror camps. In his message, he said he salutes the bravery of the Indian soldiers and this strike is a tribute to CRPF personals that lost their life in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir due to the terrorist attack backed by Pakistan.

 At the same time, Sharma also sent his condolence message to these families of CRPF Jawans killed by the Pakistan based terrorists.

“ For the first time in the political history of India, the country has got a Prime Minister who has been not only working seriously to end the terrorism from the country but also for the first time attacked the terrorist groups through air strike lurking in Pakistan. My heartiest congratulations to Air Force, our intelligence agencies and Indian Armed Forces, BJP Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Your valour and bravery are a symbol of strong and new India. During 26/11 Mumbai attack Indian Army was ready to attack Pakistani terrorist in their country but at that time the Congress  Government was not ready. A weak government cannot take care of itself and its people. Today,  We have a strong government under Narendra Modi. The whole nation thank PM Modi for his strong leadership and decision. Let us make our country one of the proudest nations in the globe," said Sharma.

The Prime Minister has kept his word what he said after the Pulwama attack. The Prime Minister had assured the whole nation and the families of those killed in the Pulwama attack that the Army had been given full freedom to tackle the situation. The air attack took place in the early hours of February 26.



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