A Grand Cultural Program to be organised on 9th and 10th of March in Hooda Grounds, Sector 37, Gurugram. Union Rural Development Minister Ram Kripal Yadav said that the first Haryana-Purvanchal Maitri Mahakumbh is being organized in Hooda Grounds, Sector 37 on 9th and 10th March in Gurugram with an objective to promote the message of unity in diversity and development. He further added that such an event is being organised for the first time with the collaboration of citizens of Haryana, Uttaranchal and Purvanchal provinces. 

In this Mahakumbh, the culture and civilization of many provinces will be exchanged. In addition to this, the audience will also be entertained by Bhojpuri, Hariyanvi Ragini and Uttarakhand music. Shri Yadav said that through this Mahakumbh, the message of unity and harmony will be given to the general public. The platform will also be used to put forth the public welfare schemes being run by the government among the public. 


Thanking the organizers for this, Shri Yadav said that it is a very good endeavour which truly embodies the spirit of the popular slogan – ‘Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas’. Through the program, the key issues relating to the development of Haryana will also be talked about. It will also help to bring together the Purvanchal society living in Haryana and local residents of Haryana. This friendship will prosper between the citizens of these provinces as a result of this Mahakumbh will give a new dimension to the development of the state and the country. He said that through this program, the message of mutual cooperation, brotherhood and love will be given from the holy land of Gurugram across the country. 

The organizer of the program, Gan Sanjay Singh said that during the program the demand to make Gurugram a world-class and ideal city and to make Haryana the number one state in the country will be raised. He said that in addition to these, other demands such as to make a Film city in Gurugram on the lines of Mumbai for shooting of Hindi and Bhojpuri films, the announcement of public holiday on Chhath Mahaparv, symbolizing the faith of the Purvanchal society, and the grand construction of Chhath Ghats, will also be raised.

Additionally, the organizers also said that with the expansion of education and medical field of whole Haryana including Gurugram and the demand for curbing arbitrary fees being taken by private hospitals and schools will be sought. All these demands will be kept in front of all senior public representatives, ministers, MPs and MLAs present during the program. He told that a large number of famous Bhojpuri singers and Hariyanavi Ragini artists have been invited in the program who will entertain the audience in this 2-day event.


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