Laughterians Club celebrated its Annual and Basant Panchami Celebrations at Leisure Valley Garden, Sect.29, Gurgaon on 3rd February 2019.

The event was organised by GLC wherein members from other branches of Gurgaon keenly participated in the celebrations. Despite foggy conditions and a very cold windy morning, all the member's majority of whom are senior citizens attended the function with childlike enthusiasm and participated in the various activities.

The day started with a welcome drink of pure organic Green Tea to all the participants.  This was followed by a Laughter walk and Laughter Yoga Exercises conducted by GLC President Dr Umesh Sahgal. He also warmly welcomed all the participants.


Then the members of all branches wholeheartedly displayed their skills in reciting poems, jokes, songs etc. Professional folk dancers were invited and they performed to the drum beats of Bollywood Folk Punjabi Music. The talents that were seen amongst Senior Citizens was simply outstanding and the enthusiasm shown by them was too good to be true.

The management had made arrangements for the supply of Hot tea and mouthwatering Pakodas which was lapped by everyone in the winter chills of a cold Sunday.  First medical Diagnostics, who are doing pioneering work in the field of testings for Food  Allergies, and Guidance for the same distributed Gift Hampers. Their Director Neeraj Arora gave an inspired talk on Food Allergies and ways to maintain our Health.

The show had lots of games. Needless to say that all members participated defying their age. Their knowledge about digital equipment and their use in day to day life astounded many. This was a part of games to enlighten them about digital India.

The show was rounded off by Sumptuous Brunch.  All in all, it was an enjoyable show managed very professionally by a team of Laughter members. The event was a success thanks to the untiring Efforts of Mr Sandeep Gupta and Com.  Raman Sopory event managers for the programme.


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