Dynamic, farsighted, astute, well-read and energetic, these attributes roughly sum up the man behind India’s fastest growing e-diagnostic company in India – KlinicApp. Satkam Divya, the Chief Executive Officer of the company is an e-commerce, Healthcare & Technology expert and is enthusiastically implementing his expertise in the company’s augmentation.

With a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from BIT, Sindri and an MBA from IIM, Lucknow, he started his career with United Breweries as Product Manager. He then went on to become the Product Manager at ICICI Bank and at Times Financial Services. Satkam also founded Rupeetalk.Com (a Fin-tech venture), funded by a VC firm, in the year 2007, and have successfully exited in the year 2010. Before founding KlinicApp, He was working with Policybazaar as a Director - Mobile Commerce & Digital Marketing, has set up the mobile business from scratch for the company.

Making the most of his experience and applying it in e- diagnostic space, he has conceptualized and launched KlinicApp with a vision to build India’s first digital-first, tech-driven, at-home diagnostic services. He along with his 4 more cofounders taking the company to new echelons.. He is judiciously working through the large (USD 10 Bn), & growing market of e-diagnostics and has incorporated groundbreaking innovations, which are redefining the customer satisfaction in the diagnostic space.


In the last 3 years, under his leadership, KlinicApp, which started in Nov 2015, has demonstrated the ability to deliver standardized, affordable, at-home diagnostics services to ~1 lakh patients through a unique combination of proprietary digital technology, in-house customer service and tech-enabled logistics network of phlebotomists on the ground, lab tests outsourced to NABL certified Labs. Company’s revenue has grown 5.5X from INR 1 Cr FY 16-17 to INR 5.5 Cr FY 17-18.

KlinicApp has so far raised INR 1.75 Cr through angel and crowdfunding rounds and has been contribution positive at the operational level, ever since it came into the existence. The company’s revenue since inception is INR 13.5 Cr and it had the revenue of INR 5.6 Cr for the year 2017-18.

"Continuing with the constant endeavor to improvise on the customer experience, KlinicApp will heavily invest in technology and logistics side of the business initially, in order to build 1) a good team of technicians across multiple cities, 2) real-time tracking of technician & blood sample transportation 3) implementing AI to predicatively suggest tests basis location, lifestyle, demographics," said Satkam Divya.

"Later, a good part of the investment will also go in the direction of building an online diagnostic brand in order to become a vertical digital search engine for the diagnostics needs in India," he added.

Today, it has become one of the fastest growing and trendsetting e-diagnostic company in India having its services in 5 Top cities. Satkam Divya had a firsthand experience of extensive diagnostics needs during the ailment of close family members. He realised that 4 things, the unstandardised service, exorbitant and random pricing, complex reports and the accuracy of those reports are somethings, which can be made better with the use of technology. With his previous experience in Online to Offline services startups, he started KlinicApp to change the way consumers get their pathology tests done. In a short span of three years, KlinicApp has brought affordable blood test at home to more than 1 lac customers and is poised to be the fastest growing e-diagnostic company.

 KlinicApp, started by Satkam Divya, is a digital brand in the $10B diagnostic services space. He started this venture after personally experiencing difficulties in doing blood tests while assisting two of his close family members in kidney transplant. He was so much perturbed by the whole experience in terms of pricing and service standards of the industry that he decided to dedicate all his efforts towards solving this problem through technology. A second-time entrepreneur, Satkam strongly feels that digital technologies will change the way we avail diagnostic services in India and abroad, it is only a matter of time till this industry too witnesses disruption, and he envisions KlinicApp playing an important role in bringing that change.

Due to KlinicApp’s customer-centric approach, it has a healthy 38% customer repeat rate.  In a short span of three years, KlinicApp has served more than 1 lac customers conducted more than 6.5 million tests.   


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