Having a newborn during the winter season is another anxiety that each parents have to undergo, especially for first-time parents who are not experienced in this matter. There are several challenges like fighting off the cold and flu season, staying warm and cosy, that parents have to face while taking care of the newborn baby. If proper take care is not taken it can make families even tense

Here are ten tips on how to protect your baby during this winter season Social post. news brings forth them here.

1.  Massage is must for the newborn bay. As the newborn has tender skin, so they need special care every day. Massage the baby with good quality oil enriched with high nourishing and moisturizing properties which is very beneficial for a baby's delicate skin. Message tenderly with care.

2. But before going to message wash your hands with sanitizers or soaps as to avoid any infection, germs and bacteria. Even if an outsider wants to cradle the baby make sure that their hands are washed properly. As winter is also the time of flu and colds, regularly use a hand sanitizer before touching your newborn.

3. Breastfeeding your newborn bays is the best way to increase his/her immunity power. It will also help the baby in withstanding the cold and infections.  It is always advisable to have breastfed in the first six months.

4. Keep the room temperature normal. Use room heater to avoid excessive heat. Close all windows and door at night to avoid any cold air coming from outside but ensure adequate ventilation too for fresh air.

5.  Don't tuck your little one in a warm blanket at night. Remove big blankets and big pillows. Use small and smooth blankets and pillows to keep the baby in comfort.

6. Massage your newborn to improve the blood flow and immunity levels.  Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil and mustard oil are best for massage. Also, make sure that close the door and keep the room warm when you are massaging your baby.  It is always better to give a newborn a nice massage for an hour or two before a bath. Massaging the baby before bedtime helps in sound sleep.

7. Avoid using products like baby soaps, shampoos, and body washes during winters. It may cause the side effect.  Give the baby a simple bath on regular basis. You may choose to use a mild baby soap once a week.

8. Make sure that your baby wears warm and comfortable clothes. If the room temperature is normal, your newborn may not need too many layers of clothing. Put on socks and mittens for your newborn to make him/her feel cosy and comfortable.

9.   Regularly Moisturize your baby’s skin with a generous dose of mild infant skin cream or lotion. You can take the help of a doctor for any special recommendations. You can also opt for natural massage for your baby‘s skin with milk cream or clarified butter (ghee). It will keep it soft and supple.

10. Last but not least is expose the baby to sunshine. Basking the baby in the sunshine for more than half an hour for the first three months is a must. It will help the baby to avoid different diseases like jaundice, pneumonia etc.  

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