Senior BJP leader GL Sharma from Haryana and  Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Limited has castigated Rahul Gandhi's move on farmer loan waving in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.  
After the election victory in three states and how Congress President Rahul Gandhi exploited the issues of farmers loan waving, BJP has now started to explain how Rahul has jeopardized future of the farmers in order to gain his short-term goals of winning the election.
GL Sharma said that what Rahul did in the election was not real benefits of the farmers. It was a crucial situation that he really exploited. The Congress Government in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan have a lead farmer to more backwardness by waving their loan. In fact, waving of the loan would not help the farmers in the long run. They have to be at the sympathy of the others and it will also uproot their work culture and make them more dependent on Government. 
Sharma also explained how PM Narendra Modi tried to uplift the farmers through his long-term goals. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to make our farmers self-reliant so that they don't depend on others. PM Modi has a vision and for long he has been working that. Rahul did not think for the long-term benefits of farmers. He only cajoled them of waving loan. The farmers will realize Rahul's folly and they will kick off Rahul Gandhi and his party congress from all over the country." said Sharma.    
The Congress president also made the remark that he would not let PM Modi sleep in peace until all the loan waving is done to the farmers.  Rahul's remarks came in the wake of the Supreme Court's version that nullified the corruption charge of Rafale deal which was a great embarrassment for the Congress party.  Again when its leader  Sajjan Kumar was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment by Delhi High Court for his role in the rioting of 1983 that killed around 3,000  innocent Sikhs. people.  

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