A spirited team of BJP leaders from Gurugram under the leadership of GL Sharma and Mahesh Vashishta have been campaigning in Madhya Pradesh for the forthcoming State Assembly Election. They are helping in organizing several rallies of BJP president Amit Shah.   

The team headed for Madhya Pradesh this week from New Delhi railway station where hundreds of other BJP workers came to bid adieu. The team will focus on two rallies of Amit Shah to be held on 18th and 23rd November in Singrauli and Chhindwara respectively.

"We are coordinating with the party workers in organizing the rally of Amit Shah to be held on 18 November and 23rd November in Singrauli and Chhindwara. Every day we have a hectic schedule and meeting here top leaders, candidates and grassroots level workers. All the BJP team are very much spirited and working hard. Every day we are attending different party level meeting and also interacting with the BJP workers and general people. Besides that, we are also in the media briefing. All the party workers are very excited. Modi wave is still intact,” informed G L Sharma, senior BJP leader from Gurugram and Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Corporation.

Right now the election wave is flowing in favour of BJP and as present BJP Government has done lots of development work. Opposition Congress has no proper agenda to go public.
Senior leader Mahesh Vashishta said, “Our work starts at 7 am in the morning and continues without any break till 10 to 11 pm in the night. Our BJP team members are very much inspired and they are seriously working hard. This time BJP will come to power with absolute majority.” 

For the BJP team from Haryana, it is a wonderful experience working with people of Central India. Gurugram team has been meeting different local area representatives and party workers every day.

“People of Madhya Pradesh have understood the misrule of Congress in the state and centre. They have also understood how the dynastic rule of Congress had damaged the country in all sphere of life. They have now realised that it is the BJP only who can solve the problem of unemployment, corruption, crime, pollution and degradation society,” added Mahesh Vashishta.  
It is to be noted that a team under GL Sharma along with Mahesh Vashishta had gone to Gujarat and Karnataka during the election and the team had campaigned in different parts of these states and the candidates won their seat with heavy margins.  

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