Prabasi Indian mostly belonging from Assam, Eastern Bengal and North Eastern states of  India celebrated Durga Puja in Perth Australia with a plethora of activities where local Australians also took part.

This year Durga Puja was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Perth from 26th to 28th October. Unlike India, the organizers had to make an extra effort to make it a grand success. Since Idol immersion is not allowed in Australia, the organizers brought special quartz Idol of Devi from Kolkata through shipment. Even lots of Puja paraphernalia were brought from Assam to impart an ambience of traditional Puja.  

"This is the occasion when our new generation children who are born and brought up in Australia and educated through the different education system, get an opportunity to be acquainted with rich Indian rituals and customs associated with Durga Puja. It also gives them a chance to renew their bond with their motherland. Otherwise, they would never know about our rich festivals that their parents and grandparents used to celebrate in their motherland," said Dr Sanjeeb Sarma, one of the members of the organizing committee of thePuja, an original from Guwahati Assam.


On 27 October evening a grant cultural programme was arranged where different Indian mesmerizing dance forms, songs and drama were presented by these Prabasi Indian families and their children.

 "To our greatest rejoice, the cultural programme was attended by several dignitaries like - local MLA, Mayor and Councillor of the City of Canning, Perth. All of them enjoyed the programme from the beginning to the end with all Indian families. They also joined in the rituals of the Puja and were enquiring about the significance of Durga Puja, and the spiritual messages that Puja carries to our life, I would like to convey my thanks to all the participants and our well-wishers " said  Mr Subroto Saha, President of PBWA, a non-profit organization from Western Australia that organized the  Puja in Perth.    

Emboldened by the grand success of this year's celebration, the Puja committee plans to celebrate the occasion with greater dimension spanning weeklong celebration in next year.


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