Bharat Bandh invoked by the Congress and other opposition parties against rising fuel prices of petrol and diesel have evoked a strong reaction from BJP  Gurugram. 

Senior BJP leader from Gurugram  GL Sharma in his reaction said that during the time of Congress regime at the centre, the prices of petrol and diesel had increased several times. The prices of petrol and diesel are not determined by the Centre but the crude oil price in the International market. So the centre has little to do with it. Congress has called the bandh to detract the attention of people what development work Modi Government has been doing since BJP came to power both at centre and Haryana.

He further said that Congress party have no agenda to raise right now. In fact, it is a party without any agenda, without any leader and issues. Rahul Gandhi is encircled by a bunch of selfish leaders. They are neither guiding him not helping him on the right path of politics  They are just eking out their own benefits.

Currently working as Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Ltd. (HD CFL). Ever since he took over the cudgel of the ailing organization, the organization has shown a huge profit margin and expanding with a great leap. Sharma has introduced lots of reformatory measures within the organization. 

The Bharat bandh could not attract many takers. Except for few places, most of the districts in Haryana, the response of the people toward the bandh was nil. The life was normal in Millennium city Gurgugram.  Government offices were running with the full staff and all the  MNC companies were running normal and there was no response to the Bandh at all. Roads were full of vehicles. The attendance rate in institutes and college were like other normal days.

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