Written By G L Sharma 

The recent barbaric rape incidents in different parts of the country especially in Kathua, Surat, and Unnao have shocked us all. The spate of rape incidents has once again made us reflective why such incidents are happening in our society where females are worshipped as Goddess and Mother. The way the society is heading for? India has the thousands of years old history where women are always occupying the exalted position.

No doubt to stop rape incidents pressures are mounting on Government and to award death penalty to the culprits.  The good news is that government has been preparing on the ground to bring an Act by an ordinance to award death penalty to the child rapist. This is a good sign and a much-needed relief for the citizen of the country at least.

Looking at the spate of the rape incidents conscientious citizen are also coming with different options for the self-defence of the girls. They opine that girls should be trained in the martial art for self- defence. Even some state governments have taken an initiative to train the girls with martial arts classes on regular basis free of cost. But such efforts are not the permanent solution to this endemic social menace. If adult girls are trained through martial arts, what about a five-month-old girl child and seventy years old lady. They too are getting raped day.  Are they capable of self-defence? So imparting martial arts to girls is not a solution to the problem.  And what about the family members and people from the relatives? Even small girl child being raped by her uncle maternal and paternal uncle or other family members? Such incidents are also coming to light in media headline. We talk of about enacting laws for stringent punishment but nobody bothers about finding the roots of such problems. How to stop these such incidents? Even eighty years old physically and mentally handicapped old ladies are raped either by their family members, relatives and neighbours. 

In fact, this mammoth menace that has stood in front of the society is due to the defective education system of the country. Before the independence, India had a completely different type of education system based on Guru -Sisha Parampara. Students used to go  Gurukula of the learned person better known as the 'Pandit'. The teacher-student relation was spiritual and social and there was personal interaction. At that time the curriculum was based on Vedic syllabus where all the subjects were taught starting from astronomy, astrology, mathematics, geometry, religion, science, Ayurveda, Fine arts etc. The main aim of such education system was how to excel human form of life following rules and regulations as per the scriptures were written by the Vedic Scholars. Such education system always focused on character building of the students and moral up gradation of each one.

Today's education system is totally focused on preparing students for money making where there is no stress on the values of human life. Today's education system only prepare students towards making students successful professional not successful human being. As a result, values are eroding from the life of students. Now after years of following that western education system as introduced by Lord Macaulay in the 19th century we have seen that our society is only producing hardcore professionals and individuals.  Today's generation is more inclined towards sense gratification than excelling values in human life.

Indian society is always rich with values where these values are being celebrated in the form of different festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Duj, Ram Navami, Krishna Janmashtami etc. Our so-called modern English education system never teaches students about the importance of such festivals and how to celebrate these festivals and to make individuals aware of rich values associated with them.

 Now it's time to revive the festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Duj etc in our school curriculum also. These are not the religious festivals but festivals of human values. In the name of imparting secular education by the successive Governments after the Independence, value-based moral education has totally discarded.  School are even running without prayer session in the morning and the moral science period of school is removed long back. Such fault education system has now led the country to different social menace and rapes are one of such phenomena.

When Lord Macaulay introduced the Western Education in India, the  British did it with the intention to destroy values based traditional Indian education system.

 Under the Macaulay system of education when Lord Bentinck was Governor-General Bentinck Persian was removed from the court language and It was substituted by English. A policy was adopted to make English book available at low price.  There was the curtailment in the fund for oriental learning and western education received more fund. Sadly even after Independence, there was no effort to revive the traditional system of education. Successive government at the centre fueled that faulty education system. Now the society is witnessing that results of that materialistic education system. Rapes are increasing day by day, children are abandoning their elder parents dumping at the age-old home, the divorce rate in increasing on geometric proportion, economic crimes are on the rise.

Now before it is too late Our Government have to awake and revive the age-old education system and get it integrated with present-day education, so that society get humane human down the line. If the value-based education system is not introduced even death penalty would not be able to stop such menaces.

* GL Sharma is senior BJP leader from Haryana and Chairman  of Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd. (HDDCFL)

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