NATA Australia organised Villambi namasamvatsara Ugadi vedukalu in Australian capital Canberra on 8 th April 2017. APNRT Australia also included in the event celebrations.

Prime Minister of Australia Hon. Malcolm Turnbull sent the greetings to the event  organisers . In  his message he said, “ I convey my best wishes to all those celebrating Ugadi, an occasion for gathering with family and friends in celebration of a new year.  As you come together at this special time, I hope you feel uplifted by the promise of the coming year, and a renewed sense of energy and purpose.” 

“Australia is a free and democratic society that respects and values the rights of all citizens to express their cultural values and beliefs.   The genuine commitment of all Australians to a nation united by tolerance and respect is one of our greatest achievements, and one of which we should all be very proud. With these thoughts in mind, I wish all you all a prosperous, peaceful and happy New Year, he added further.

Hon.MLA Ms.Suzanne Orr lighted the lamp along with Mrs.Subbalakshmi Manchella, Mrs,Sahithi Paturi, Mrs, Sirisha Pativada, Ms, Brinda Kuppilli opening the Telugu Ugadi 2018 in Canberra festival Ganesh Stotram song by Mrs.Chidrupi Vemuri , Panchangasravanam, kids dances, musical songs, Kuchipudi Anandatandavam by International famous dancers Mrs. Vanaja Dasika and Ms.Divyusha Polepalli, Chinese sword dance and umbrella dances by Ms, Jian Lee and her team members, performed. Followed by NATA UGADI 2018 Awards for the Community excellence and the Professional excellence in Australia. 

 Hon. Minister for Justice in ACT Government Mr. Shane RATTENBURY addressed the gathering and presented the Professional excellence in Australia award to Dr.Nalini Pati, in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of medical services outreach and service.

 Some of the achievements are listed below Dr.Nalini is working as a consultant both adult and pediatric haematologist and Bone marrow transplantation physician in Canberra Hospital. He is a faculty in Australian National University medical school as Clinical Senior Lecturer. Dr.Nalini provides services to patients with bleeding disorders and haematology patients living in remote and rural areas Australia. Dr.Nalini always care for society volunteering programs such as cardiac first aid, cancer awareness, common health issues at the community level through workshops, radio and television media programs. Dr.Nalini contributions to Thalassemia Sickle cell society in Hyderabad is well appreciated in INDIA Hon. Opposition leader in ACT Government Mr. Alistair COE addressed the gathering and presented the Community excellence in Australia award to Professor Kameswara Rao Ayyalaraju

Kameswara Rao contributions to multi-cultural community as Volunteer Telugu broadcaster in ACT and QLD helped the community in cultural integration. During his academic career Dr.Rao helped the telugu students in early settlement of new culture and new country. Kameswara Rao offered help to the new immigrants understanding the local culture and cultural integration to settle their families and seeking opportunities to pursue their goals.

 NATA President Dr.Prasad Tipirneni presented the community work done in the last one year commencing the year with Business workshop, Karthikamasa Vanabhojanalu , and Sankranthi sambaralu Indian High Commission Mr.Sonal Bajaj and Hon.

MLA Ms.Suzanne Orr addressed the gathering and other community leaders Mrs.Nishi Puri , Dr,Shantiswaroop Reddy and senior citizens Dr.Krishnamurthy Boyapati, Murthy Manchella, Adiraju Narasimha Rao, Swayam prakash Chintamani attended After the delicious dinner, Kanna nidurinchava dance performed by Dr,Sirisha Yalamanchili and number of cultural dances by various groups to promote our culture in the integration to Australian community.

Mrs. Vasundhara Chunduri and Ms.Brinda Kuppilli acted as MC’s (presenters) Mrs. Sirisha Pativada Vice President and Mrs.Shilpa Vemuri coordinated the cultural activities Mr. Mahesh Tadepally Treasurer , Mr.Satya Prasad Yarlagadda, Mr,Bharani Chunduri, Mr,Anil Kumar Kornepati coordinated the dinner and refreshments. Mr.Kalyanram Kommana Secretary invited the guests and organised the event production activities.  APNRT Chairman Dr.Ravi Vemuru conveyed his greetings to the success of Ugadi sambaralu in Canberra


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