The 69th Vyasa Puja Ceremony of HH Jayapataka Swami (JPS) Maharaj was organized by Delhi NCR Jaya Pataka Swami Sishya Samuh (JSSS) in a grand manner with a plethora of activities. The main programme started at the auditorium of Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple located at East of Kailash on 27th of March 2017. The Vyasa Puja of Guru Maharaj falls on the auspicious day of Kamada Ekadashi.

After Mangal Arti, the announcement was made at the main temple hall about the Vyasa Puja Ceremony. Devotees wished greetings to Maharaj by Hare Krishna Mahamantra.  After Srila Prabhupada's Guru Puja, a video lecture of HH Jayapataka Swami was played in the morning Srimad Bhagavatam class.

After the Srimad Bhagavatam class, by 9 am all the devotees and disciples of Guru Maharaj assembled at the temple auditorium. HG Amoghleela Prabhu, President of Dwarka Temple, addressing the gathering at the temple said, “let us celebrate this occasion in a grand manner. Let us chant so loud that it is echoed beyond the walls of the hall. Gauranga Gauranga….” He conducted the entire program very nicely. 

 HG Damodar Das, Senior Vice President of Delhi Temple said, “Jayapataka Swami Maharaj has tremendous patience. He is taking all the troubles to preach Krishna Consciousness all over the world. He has been preaching all over the world in mega level. He has inundated the whole Bengal with love of Krishna Consciousness. He has proved his Acharyapad through his behaviour - being compassionate to all the souls. He is always in the mood of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. All the Gurus of ISKCON are completely surrendered to Srila Prabhupada. Jayapataka Maharaj has completely surrendered himself to his Guru Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada and he has done great service to humanity.”

Senior devotee, Deena Nayak Das, quoting a Bengali Bhajan said, “Krishna is not pleased if you are not worshipping his devotees. Krishna is only pleased when you worship his devotees. It is the Vaishnava that can give only Krishna Prema. Without the mercy of Vaishnava, we can never get the mercy of Krishna. JPS  Maharaj is full of enthusiasm to tell about the glories of Krishna and His pastimes. I have seen in Mayapur Parikrama, he was telling Krishna Katha through the telephone to devotees during Parikrama. I was wonderstruck by his love of Krishna Prema. We should follow his path in our life. By the lotus feet of Vaishnavas,, we can get all the happiness in our life. Let me offer my obeisance to JPS Maharaj and beg to give me more strength to be engaged in the service of Guru and Gauranga.

On the occasion, a book “Krishna Ke Dham Ki Aur,” was launched by a Senior devotee, HG Jitamitra Prabhu - another senior devotee of Delhi Temple narrated a life-saving miracle incident with JPS Swami . Bhagawat Puran Das, a senior devotee came all the way from Vrindavan to glorify  JPS Maharaj in the Vyasa Puja ceremony

HH Bhakti Madhurya Maharaj highly appreciated the great work of JPS Maharaj, He said that He is not an ordinary soul, he has initiated more than 46 thousand devotees and despite his ailing health, he is preaching with the same zeal as He did earlier.  Under His leadership, Mayapur has always always been occupying number one slot in the book distribution marathon.  This is really wonderful. JPS Maharaj is fully empowered by Prabhupada to distribute love of Krishna.”

"Victory flag of Nityananda Prabhu is named THE JAYA PATAKA. If you love JPS Maharaj, Nityananda Prabhu will be very happy," quipped Amogha Leela Das. Balabhadra Das , in-charge of Food for Life in Delhi Temple said, “I am an insignificant person to glorify such a colossus personality like JPS Maharaj. I have seen Maharaj in nineteen seventies. I was inspired by his great personality.” 

HG Mohan Rupa Das, President of Delhi Temple, said that bhakti has no link with the bodily concept of life. Maharaj is a true example of how Bhakti is above this bodily concept of life. Delhi devotees are very fortunate to get the opportunity to serve Maharaj on his way to Hospital for treatment. He is always in the ecstatic mood. He has been suffering a lot but he takes all his suffering with a smiling face. He is so much attached to Krishna and the Mission of his Guru Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada. 

“He always keeps on travelling all over the world. In his earlier days, he used to travel very frequently and did not stay more than one or two days in any place. He used to travel all over the world for around 10 to 12 times in a year. And now despite his ailing health, he is travelling 4 to 5 times in a year. This is his all for his love for Krishna and fulfillment of the mission of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya. His name is entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most frequent traveler in the World.

"JPS Maharaj has disciples all over the world. In Bangladesh alone, he has 20 thousand disciples. He prayed to Maharaj on this auspicious day to give more strength to help in this mission,” added Mohan Rupa.

 Jadukulesh Das another senior devotee of Delhi Temple said, “Let us make our life successful by following the examples of JPS Maharaj. I have seen how Maharaj has developed Mayapur Dham.  I visited Mayapur several times and each time I am inspired by his glorious activities. He has proved as a true disciple of  Srila Prabhupada.

His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj could not attend the function as he was heading to Jaipur for an urgent meeting. He sent one garland for Maharaj to be offered and his message wishing good health to Maharaj.

BN Das, Senior Vice-president of Delhi temple explained how once JPS  Maharaj had given Prasadam to two drunkards in a railway station in Andhra Pradesh and there was a transformation in their nature and these drunkards offered obeisances immediately. This was a comparison made between Lord Caitanya and Jagai and Madhai. This is the miracle of Maharaj’s mercy.  Let us pray to Krishna that Maharaj has good health and preach Krishna consciousness with more energy and make Prabhupada's mission successful.

Mahamantra Das , senior vice president of Delhi Temple said, “ JPS Maharaj is very much attached to Srila Prabhupada.  Maharaj is committed to developing Mayapur Chandradoya Temple. Maharaj is always doing his best to complete this mission. So let us take a pledge to make this project successful on this auspicious day. Maharaj is specially empowered to make new devotees of Krishna and Mahaprabhu. 

 Rukmini Krishna Das , President of Punjabi Bagh Temple said, “ JPS Maharaj is the incarnation of enthusiasm. He is always eager to preach Krishna consciousness. He has developed Mayapur project with great zeal. Despite his ailing health he and HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj always take part in GBC meetings.”

 Sundar Gopal Das, President of ISKCON Youth Forum Delhi said, “Maharai always remains jovial amongst devote despite his ailing health. He always inspires the devotees. Sundar Gopal also read out one Bengali Bhajan in Honour of Maharaj. 

 Madhu Mangal Das , President of ISKCON Gurgaon said, “Bhakti Vriksha Programme is very popular. JPS Maharaj is very pleased if someone is doing Bhakti Vriksha. I promised to conduct more Bhakti Vrishna programme to Maharaj. He blessed me. He pledged for Guru Maharaj’s mercy to get the power to full fill His mission."

Neel Kanta Das , President of Chipiwara Temple Delhi said, “ Maharaj please give me more power to glorify you. He is always very caring to all devotees.  Maharaj joined ISKCON at a very young age and it is also 50 years of Sannyasi life in ISKCON. He has been serving the mission of Prabhupada with great determination. Let us follow the example of JAYAPATAKA SWAMI Maharaj and never discriminate anyone.

HG Vamshi Dhar Das, senior devotee, also highly glorified JPS Maharaj. He shared his reminiscence of the past times of Maharaj in different places.

Keshav Murari Prabhu, President of Rohini Temple said Maharaj always takes great interest in Mayapur Parikrama. He always inspires devotees doing Mayapur Parikrama, Chanting “Gaurang..” he always inspires all to come closer to Krishna consciousness.  Let us learn the example of Maharaj.

Hanuman Das, another senior devotee of Delhi temple said, “ Maharaj let me offer my humble obeisances on this auspicious moment and help me to be engaged your mission.

Madhab Kant Das, senior disciples of JPS Maharaj said that twenty years back I did alone Vyasa Puja ceremony of my JPS Guru Maharaj in the confinement of a room in Delhi ISKCON Temple. Now after twenty years later, we are celebrating it a grand manner at the auditorium of ISKCON Temple in presence of seniors devotees, several temple presidents, Prabhupada's disciples and several Sanyasis. All of them had highly gloried JPS Maharaj."

After the Prasadam all the devotees and disciples of JPS  Maharaj glorified JPS Maharaj and his contribution to the mission of Sri La Prabhupada at the auditorium. Next days all disciples of JPS Maharaj threw a grand feast in the Delhi Tempple

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