"On the occasion of Vasant Panchami on 22nd Jan 2018) Abhivadan, a leading NGO had organised Saraswati Puja at Jammu and Kashmir Society, Sector 9A Gurugram with students parents and well-wishers.

There was much enthusiasm amongst the students learning music few days ahead of the function. Students brought the deity of Saraswati in the wee hours of the day. Amidst the chanting of Vedic mantra Saraswati Puja ceremony started by the Pujari.

After the rituals of the ceremony Bhajan and Kirtan started. Celebrated Singer  Rahul Parmar - the founder of  NGO Abhivadan and Anjali Parmar and other team members of Abhivadan team like Ankit Vishwakarma, Akarsh Nagariya, Satish Dewan, Brijesh Bhatt, Shatrughna Vishwakarma performed mesmerizing Bhajan.

Students from Abhivadan, other volunteers and residents from J&K society had also joined them in the celebration. " It was a wonderful occasion to eulogize the divine qualities of Goddess Saraswati and also inspire the students to take their studies seriously. For the elders it is indeed a moment to meet their friends," said Rahul Parmar.

All the students and devotees, later on, took sumptuous Prasadam together. " The efforts of Rahul Parmar is really praiseworthy. They are doing wonderful service for the kids hailing from the marginal background.  Rahul and his team has been imparting free music education to these slum children and helping them in their education," Indulekha Sharma, an attendee of the function,

"It is an auspicious day and I really enjoyed the whole day enjoying participating in the event," said Varun a student participant.




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