AAMAD Dance Center, in association with SAHA Infratech Pvt. Ltd., presents an innovative cultural festival by senior and younger artists (both abled and differently abled). Through their exceptionally skilled wheelchair performances, Kathak dance performance and melodious voices, one can witness the indomitable spirit of these extraordinary artists at the Kamani Auditorium in Mandi House, New Delhi on  20th January 2018, from  11:30 AM onwards.

 This innovative performance is an effort to bring a ray of hope, dignity, equality and inclusion of disabled people in the society. Given an opportunity, they can show to the world that they can be on the same platform as the non-disabled.

" AAMAD is committed to changing the attitude, apathy, negativity and fear against the marginalized & destitute group, persons with & without disabilities through various activities like dance, music, theatre performances, training, workshops, interactive sessions, demonstrations etc, said Rani Khanam.

The Powerful expression of music & dance connects directly to one's spirit, allowing it to transcend the boundaries of physiological and psychological disability enables people of all abilities to hone their respective skills equally. In this festival, one will be able to witness the artists' indomitable spirit through their dance, despite their physical limitations. Kathak by abled artists and dance on wheelchairs by differently-abled artists alongside fabulous patriotic songs sung by visually impaired singers will not only heart-touching but also leave the audience spellbound. 

The cultural festival at Kamani Auditorium will begin with an integrated dance performance by Kathak dancers and differently abled artists who will perform on wheelchairs, followed by soulful renditions of patriotic and Bollywood songs by the visually impaired singer. Performing a dance routine on wheelchairs demand skills beyond the realms of mainstream artistry – the use of wheels in place of legs by the differently-abled has taken hours of hard work and innovative methodology. The spinning speed of a wheelchair speed is equal as well as an accomplished Kathak dancer’s spins. As for the melodic voices of the visually impaired, you can totally hear the difference when they sing from their hearts. These dynamic performances are sure to move the audience and take you by surprise as something never seen before.

AAMAD Dance Center is a registered NGO founded by Kathak exponent and choreographer Rani Khanam, 21 years ago in 1996 and is now considered one of the premier integrated performing arts organizations in India, its main mission is to enhance integration and diversity in the arts with works uniting people of all abilities.

One of India’s foremost exponent of Kathak & choreographer, Rani Khanam has received many National & International Awards and honours like Loreal-Femina Women Award, 5th National Women Excellence Award, New York’s Fellowship Award and many more for her outstanding innovative work in Kathak dance and creating bridges in between missing links in performing arts with social issues. Rani Khanam’s commitment towards the people with disability has given new dimensions to her world of dance.



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