As the election approaches for the Gujarat Assembly, a team of senior BJP leaders from Gurgaon has headed to Gujarat. The team has gone under the supervision of Anil Jain senior BJP leader of Haryana.

Prominent amongst the team member was GL Sharma, Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Corporation. " We have started strengthening and uniting the root level team. We are now attending different party level meeting, interacting with the BJP workers and general people. All the party workers are euphoric and Modi wave is flowing at full speed here. said GL Sharma. "We are now working south Gandhi Nagar area. It is a wonderful experience working with people of westernmost part of an Indian state. We are meeting different local area representatives and party worker. " added Sharma. 

The Haryana team is working hard every day. The schedules are very hectic ."Our work starts at 8 am in the morning and continues without any break till 10 to 11 pm in the night.

BJP team is confident that this time party with get 2/3 majority in the seats. Out of the 182 seats, BJP will get 150 seats. The now people are completely towards BJP, said another team member.

Speaking of Hardik Patel wave factor, Sharma said, "now people have understood the true nature of Hardik Patel. This guy is an opportunity seeker and loose in moral character. People have no faith in him," said Sharma.

Before that GL Sharma and his team had campaigned in different parts of Indian. BJP team under GL Sharma had brought landslide victory to BJP in Muslim dominated  Mewat Panchayat Poll last year. Besides that, after GL Sharma took over at the head of Haryana Dairy Development Corporation, the ailing organization has got a new lease of life and started showing a profit in the huge margin.


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