In a move to extol the universal love and peace, Krishnaguru Eknaam Kirtan has been organized by devotees from all over the world at Krishnaguru Sewashram in Bandhwari village in Gurgaon. The kirtan has started at 6 am in the morning today 4th November and it will continue till 6 pm. The main head of Krishna guru Premananda Prabhu has also arrived in the Ashram.

 Giving the details of the kirtan Anita Hazarika, President of Krishnaguru Asharam Gurugaon and main coordinator of the event said, "devotees from different parts of the globe have come to take part in the kirtan. This time around 800 devotees have arrived in  Gurgaon. Lots of local devotees from Delhi NCR have come with lots of enthusiasm. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet each other and share their love and affection."

"The Krishna Guru movement has the great contribution to humanity- in binding them together with love and affection. Besides that, we have also forayed into education sector and imparting value education with the help of modern technology. Students from Krishan Guru educational institutes have brought laurels both in national and international level," said Juri Gogoi another senior coordinator of the Ashram.

The movement of Krishna Guru Eknaam Dharam was started at the grassroots level from Nasatra village in Assam. The movement gained popularity due to its simple philosophy of life- the realization of nature of soul and purpose of life. There are millions of followers of Krishna Guru all over the world. Every the follower of Krishna Guru organizes Krishana Eknaam Kirtan for Universal peace, brotherhood, and salvation of the mankind.

New Ashram of Krishna Guru established in Vrindavan will be inaugurated in on 7th November with daylong Programme of kirtan.   


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