A COSMOLOGY  reading taken from your name alone will describe the person you are,  your heart's center, your personality and what your being-ness values. Your name is a personal symbol that is inseparable from you. Your name affects your personal life and has the strongest influence on your personality.

 In spiritual theory, we all choose our own names prior to incarnating into this lifetime. We choose our particular names for various reasons, some having to do with our experiences and lessons. As a COSMOLOGIST, the letters of your name correspond with the ALPHABET, and these ALPHABETS each carry particular energies, vibrations and traits of their own, culminating in the full energy or impact of your name.

 When you shorten the form of your name, the energy of your name changes. If you change your name, you call in new lessons that correspond with the new vibrations.

  Our name is our 'Foundation in Life'.  Why Names Matter? 

 Your names reveal who you are! Your Name's alphabet reveals who you should be. Names matter because your names create your personality, the conditions in your life, and your destiny. For your greatest happiness and success, you should allow the beautiful potential within you, a natural and stress-free expression. Where are your names taking you? Are you completely satisfied with the conditions of your life?

  Your name corresponds to a symbolic Alphabet that defines the main characteristics of your personality. It concerns who you are personally and isn't dependent on collective elements of your life.

  Discover the truth about your character through COSMOLOGY.


 1-- A positive name begins the fruitful living for you and the growth in your life.

 2-- A positive name overcomes fear.

 3-- A positive name promotes your ability to be independent and do things positively and successfully.

 Changing your name is a critically important decision because changing your name changes your personal and public 'energy'. Therefore it changes your LIFE, and is all about analyzing the energy of names, using simple but highly sophisticated mathematical formulas, which can be a huge help in finding a name uniquely right for YOU.



( Negative persons. They play every one with their emotions and thoughts and treat life just like a tissue paper(wipe and throw). They struggle immensely. Face depression. Have frustrating personalities. Can create havoc for themselves and those around them. They constantly complain about everything no matter how good things are. Fights and arguments are caused due to them and they de-motivate and criticize everyone and every situation. With their negative energy they can create a huge loss in relationships and business to a point of collapse and can bring down the level and production of work in their work place. Business or business partnerships are not advisable for these people. They can be arrogant and expect things to be done their way. They have a tendency to be dominating and occasionally can be disrespectful too. They tend not to accept others advice as they feel they know what’s best for them.


 (They put in more efforts but acquire fewer results. Everyone uses their efforts and benefits ​from them. They are business minded. Practical people. Beneficial for others. Just like an ATM machine). They reflect good energy, but only for the benefit of others and not themselves. They are very intelligent people and creative in their ideas and beneficial for those that work with them. Inspite of their attributes they do not gain the recognition or fame that they seek as others take full advantage of them leaving them behind. These individuals should work for themselves and not in a partnership as far as business is concerned. They tend to be helpful in their ways but also tend to get frustrated as they do not achieve what they want inspite of putting in tremendous efforts. They give good advice and are problem solvers for others….not themselves. They will be open to advice and do what it takes for the betterment of their lives but sadly not achieving it.


 These are people with positive energy. They put in less efforts and acquire more results. They attract energy and are the centre of attraction everywhere they go. In their presence things seem to improve drastically and spirits are lifted and negativity loses its power. Their powers are a natural gift and beneficial to all. They have the ability to complete and accomplish unfinished business deals and improve relationships tremendously. They are good at solving problems and creating solutions for those that take their advice. People feel very comfortable talking to them as their energy is very warm and welcoming. They tend to understand others and respond to them  in a very positive manner. They have the ability to see the good side of things rather then focus on the negative points. They are normally very helpful and kind in their ways. They have a great sense of compassion and understanding.

Check the Energies in Your Names 


 If it's something about your career, a relationship, a block in your life, feel free to ask. You can ask up to 3 specific questions that will be answered and included in your Cosmic Report.

  Pls send us your:

 1. Name on all your official documents.


2. Your name used on visiting cards.


3. A sample of your signature

 4. Father's name, husband's name.

 5. New born baby’s current name and father’s name.

  As soon as you make an inquiry....via email, a reading will be sent to you, stating what your current name does for you as an individual. How it effects your personality, the blockages you have in your life, your well being, the positives and negatives aspects​ of your current names, the benefits of a name change if required, future occurrences…..etc, etc.

 With that you will be told if only one or both your names( first and last) need to be edited and the benefits of that too. If required you will be told whether your signature too requires a change or not.

  The only place you will have to change your current name and signature to the new ones, if you are unable to change it in all your official documents, will be your bank account. Feel free to send us a picture of your signature so we can confirm to you if it is correct and if all the letters are correctly used, whereby confirming if the new signature is emitting the maximum amount of energy that it should.

 Powerful Benefits of your Name Change:

 Power to Pack Up

 With the ability to go within, one can learn how to pack up all wasteful thinking in a second, so that there is lightness and freedom from burdens and worries, though there may be many responsibilities. One’s mind is scattered over the wide world and so much drawn out to people and matters that one is unable to sleep or to detach oneself at will. With the help of your name change one can wind up one’s thoughts at will.

Power to Tolerate

Just as trees offer fruit to all, regardless of whether they gently pluck it or throw stones at them, a person tolerates any kind of behavior and responds to even hostility with grace. In a light frame of mind, one can tolerate any kind of situation or people without even feeling that one is tolerating something. Impatience, irritation and annoyance disappear like mist in bright sunshine when one has the understanding that each soul is simply playing its role in the vast drama of this world.

 Power to Accommodate

 Just as the ocean accepts all rivers, polluted or clean, that flow into it, a person can accommodate all sorts of people and adjust to any situation. This power makes one broadminded and patient.

 Power of Judgment

 This is the ability to take quick and correct decisions. One gets the ability to accurately assess a situation. In a detached, impartial state of mind, one can also judge one’s own thoughts, words and actions, and ensure that one’s judgment is not influenced by any bias.

 Power of Discrimination

 Just as an expert jeweler can distinguish between false and real gems, a person with the correct energy and frequency in his/her name develops the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad. A person can tell truth from apparent truth and see the difference between things of temporary value and those of lasting value, and between the superficial and the subtle. This power saves one from being deceived by illusions.

 Power to Face

 A correct name change develops one’s ability to face loss, adversity and hardship with equanimity. The awareness and confidence a person develops in his or her spiritual worth gives him the courage to face any situation.

 Power to Cooperate

 As a result of having the above powers, one is able to share with others one’s qualities and help them in their tasks. There is no feeling of competition, so one is easily able to give as well as accept suggestions in the best interest of the task at hand. This power helps people come together to accomplish big things.

 Power to Withdraw

 With the awareness that I, the soul, am an entity different from the body, one can withdraw from the senses and free oneself from the influence of an unpleasant situation. Just as a tortoise retreats into its shell to rest or escape a threat, a person can retract himself from any situation and stay protected.

 Can Cosmic Energy Really Heal?

 Healing through cosmic energy takes place as you have received this energy from your ‘NEW NAME’.Positive or good energy always helps in healing of the mental, physical, and spiritual self. Cosmic energy can help in healing you from inside out. The human mind and body are inscribed in an energy field that is nourished by cosmic energy. Human activities produce both positive and negative energy and when negative energy increases, we are faced with health problems.

 By receiving cosmic energy, you can reduce or remove the negative energy and create a harmony. Some of the physical benefits it gives include:

 It helps in proper blood flow and reduces the workload of your heart

It helps in lowering lactate and cortisol, which are often associated with stress

 It can help in reducing free radicals

 It creates higher skin resistance and helps in healing cardiovascular diseases

 It helps in removing all psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and irritability

 It enhances the psychological self by increasing the feelings of self-actualization, and rejuvenation

It also improves memory.


 Your NAME Is Always Guiding You. Here's How To Feel That Super Power.

 We also provide the service of editing and giving your business a unique branding business name, thereby enhancing the energy, vibration, and frequency of your new business name to the ultimate level.

 The secret to a successful business is in having the correct name….energy and vibration wise. Once you get it, you’ll always have a powerful tool to guide your life, from making decisions about your business or business relationships.

 Every big decision is just a feeling away.

 Addressing the business name issue will help you make the best choices. If you can’t feel, if you don’t have the awareness, you won’t be able to make choices about the things that matter the most. Or you’ll be making choices based on other people’s opinions, thoughts, and feelings instead of your own. Being able to feel means you’re in charge. Nobody else gets to say how you feel.

You must give yourself permission to feel everything. If your business is not as successful as you would like it to be, let us help you rectify that issue by checking out the name of your company and its energy and frequency level.

 You must then pay attention to what you feel. And you can honor what you feel as true intuition or inner wisdom, letting it guide you.

 Your name holds the power that you probably wouldn’t believe. The benefits of editing your business name or getting it uniquely branded have benefits beyond measures as that in itself will attract all that you desire in your business and help you grow and reach the heights you desire. This is only because the Energy, Frequency and Vibrations of the name will be immensely powerful and raised to the maximum level.

  We provide services worldwide too.

 “CHANCE TO CHANGE”.... a company that provides the service of name changes through the study of Cosmology, now has a branch office in Nairobi, Kenya. In India, our company has helped improve the lives of thousands of people, including the very famous Bollywood film stars. We have also assisted individuals on Ministerial levels and other dignitaries, here in India.  Our company, Chance to Change, in Nairobi, Kenya will handle "ALL" our foreign clients throughout the world. Our team member there is a very well spoken gentleman and a thoroughly professional person...who is well versed in a number of languages and has the ability to answer all your questions and guide you in the best way possible. He will share with you any information you require and will be available to you at any given time. We request all our foreign clients to get in touch with:

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