Haryana’s first Group Home for Supported Accommodation for persons living with mental illness) has been launched in Gurgaon by Sambandh Health Foundation. This is the first community-based in Haryana, and perhaps one of the very few in the country.

People living with Severe Mental Illness (schizophrenia or bipolar) get isolated from social contact and often confine themselves to home. As per WHO estimates, Severe Mental Illness afflicts 3% of the population and this ratio is quite uniform across the world. In India, some 35 million people suffer from this. While medication stabilizes the condition, recovery processes are needed to bring such people back into the community.

Nishith Arora, Chairman of MPS Ltd., said , “this Home serves a strongly-felt need of society, and will be a haven for its residents. For people with mental illness having independent accommodation is a very important part of their recovery process”

Rajiv Agarwal, a Trustee of Sambandh said “Supported Accommodation (or Group Home) is a right of a person with mental illness and the responsibility of the Government as per Chapter 5 of the The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017,. The present project addresses this.”

Supportive living provides safe accommodation in a home-like setting in the community. Such homes promote independence while having access to support. Residents, trained programme officers and live-in staff work together to set the operational guidelines of the home.

Sambandh Health Foundation, with their unique ‘recovery model’ had been doing pioneering work in the area of mental health and for persons with mental illness, with the support of the Government of Haryana, and the outcomes have been highly positive and heart-warming. This Supported Accommodation Group Home is in addition to their Community Integration Centre (CIC), the Outreach and Family Self Help Group programmes, their awareness activities, and the Village Mental Health Programme, which takes recovery to villages in and around Gurgaon, making it accessible to the local people.

Sambandh’s Group Home will have all facilities and supports. Rajiv Agarwal said “The focus is on individual supports and goal setting in the areas of the person's interest and for community living, within the home and the larger community. Peer support and problem solving are key components of such an environment. This Home is supported by our CIC Centre.”

He added, “today is a red-letter day for Sambandh, the fruition of the dream when the organisation was founded. And there will be no looking back, with plans for many more such Group Homes, including for women and different economic strata”

Capt. Robby, a Caregiver, said “Homes for Supportive Living are a dire need in our society. Caregivers are not really equipped to support loved ones living with such illness and Sambandh’s professional team will help people recover and integrate back into the community.”


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