Known for her controversies, the drama queen of Bollywood Rakhi Sawant is again ready to give a blast all around with one of the most sensitive case so far on Ram Rahim Insan. As recently Rakhi is in Delhi for the shoot of her upcoming movie Ab Hoga Insaf (Cinema Scandal) based on the life story of Ram Rahim. Along with her, the leads of the movie are Ajaz Khan and Raza Murad.

While interacting with media on recent shoot coverage of the item song of the movie Bewafa Item, Rakhirevealed the several details about the movie, she herself will portray the character of Honeypreet Insa, Raza Murad ji will be Ram Rahim and Ajaz will be seen as Investigation officer.

The director of the movie is Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant. Along with Rakhi Ajaz seemed really energetic while shooting for the same. The entire set of peppy songBewafa Item was heavy and luxurious, with full of beautiful lights and glittery stuff.

 Over the top high, Rakhi was fully enjoying the shoot and left no bars to reveal the scandalous case of Ram Rahim. Directed by the Rakesh Sawant, the release date of the movie Ab Hoga Insaf (Cinema Scandal) will be revealed soon.

Rakhi further revealed that Ram Rahim and Honeypreet used to call girls in hotels in the name of giving them role in his films where they both stayed together in the same room. Rakhi further claimed that she has even seen few herbs in Baba's bathroom which he might use for 'sinful purpose'.

When Rakhi was asked about her reaction when she saw such things she said, “I was horrified to know his real intentions and feared getting killed by him." Rakhi has further told that she will make some shocking revelations in her movie which neither the police nor the media knows. She will reveal the reason why and what made Honeypreet a devoted follower of Baba and how Ram Rahim arranged Honeypreet's marriage despite the fact that they were involved together.


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