District joint project Inner Wheel Distt 301 ASITA-Installation & inauguration of cervical cancer detection machine falling under 'Women empowerment' committee was done recently at SANT PARMANAND HOSPITAL.

IIWP Dr Kapila Gupta graced the function as Chief Guest & Association president Patricia Hilton & Distt Chairman Gita Dhawan were 'Guest of honour'.PIIWP Anita Agarwal,Distt executives,PDCs & many members were also present.

"Committee chairpersons PDCs Nisha Bhargav & Asha Walia & PP Anita & IPPs Punita & Archana left no stone unturned to make it a grand success.  Amount collected by all clubs of this distt was handed over to Dr Nirmala who is HOD of this hospital," said Urvashi Mittal, Chairman of Promotion Commitee Inner Wheel. 

“Cervical cancer can easily be prevented by vaccinations at the right age, regular pap smear tests after a certain age .It is very much a curable disease if diagnosed at the right time. Usually it stems out of sheer apathy of females to take good care of themselves,” said Gita Dhawan.  

So IW Distt 301 under able leadership of DC Gita Dhawan set the ball rolling to serve 'better half' better.

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