Changing family system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect, abuse has caused elders to fall from the net of family. With the sole conviction of not isolating the old and deprived it is the blessing for many old and mentally retarded who have been sheltered at The Earth Saviours Foundation,  an NGO located at village Bandhwari, Gurgaon. This foundation is an internationally recognized NGO - Committed to serve Humanity founded by Mr.Ravi Kalra in 2008.

To express their solidarity with the old and desolate, Ms. Shashi Sarma, a Teacher and HOD of French Dept by profession along with Dr.Vibha Madaan, Principal of a school in Gurgaon paid a visit to T.E.S.F. at Bandhwadi on 28th July,2017. They spent their time with the inmates, interacted with them. Each and every person staying at the NGO had some disheartening story to share. They poured their hearts out to both of them. Tears welled up in their eyes when they heard the story of Ms Kamlesh Dutta, Babli, Neelam etc. The visit left a deep impact.

"The visit was an epiphany. The visit had motivated both of us with our hankering hearts and unwavering hopes. We learnt that being an old person is not easy for anyone. Those deprived people were suffering from relationship pain and loneliness which was easily seen in their wet eyes. We were taken aback by the dilapidated infrastructure and the state of the people living there. People and Government should come forward to help these inmates," said Shashi Sharma.

"There are two categories of people were found there: the ones who were abandoned and deserted by their families and others who had left their families fed up with the humiliation and ill-treatment. We had a deep insight into some of the bitter and disillusioned realities of life which turned out to be an eye-opener for us", said Dr. Vibha Madaan.

 The inmates felt happy to interact with them. One of them showed her happiness by hugging Ms Sarma tightly. To bring smiles on the faces of abandoned people both of them made contributions in various forms and promised to revisit the place as volunteers. Dr. Vibha Madaan thanked the NGO for taking care of inmates and promised to help them in various forms whenever possible. Both of them worked hard to make the team of CONAM Technologies to visit the NGO and to help them by making contributions. As an individual's both of them promised to bring more corporate to help NGO.  


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