To express their solidarity with the old and desolate, the team of highly skilled and techno functional consultants from the ConAm Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Spazedge, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, which is an IT company dealing with Cloud technology and Consulting Services, paid a visit to The Earth Saviours Foundation, an NGO located at village Bandhwari, Gurgaon on 28 July 2017.

Due to pre occupation the company Executive Director, Mr Tarun Arora couldn't visit the NGO but conveyed his good wishes to Mr. Ravi Kalra the founder of  The Earth Saviours Foundation and all the inmates and employees of the NGO.

This foundation is an internationally recognized NGO - Committed to serve Humanity founded by Mr.Ravi Kalra in 2008.They spent an hour with them which rejuvenated the drooping spirits of old and desolate people. This visit gave the opportunity to the less privileged people to give vent to their feelings which made many outburst their emotions.

Each and every person staying at the NGO had some disheartening story to share. The volunteers of the NGO helped the officials of ConAm Technologies to interact with the inmates of the NGO who are bed ridden and physically handicapped. The company officials interacted with these less privileged people and exhorted them. The inmates felt very happy interacting with the team members of the company. "We feel very happy interacting with the visitors. They are the real well wishers to us. Interacting with them for few moments, we at least forget our sorrow and suffering." said Shiv Kumar, an inmate after the interaction with the team.

To bring smiles on the faces of abandoned people the company representatives made contributions in various forms and promised to revisit the place as volunteers. It was a moment where they actually felt the feeling of satisfaction that they can get by doing something which can help in improving lives of other people.

The team visited the NGO under the guidance of Rajeev Aggarwal, AVP Human Resource and Operation. The other team members were -Pulkit Chhabra, Gopal Gupta, Ravinder Singh,  Ashutosh Rajput, Ruchin Sharma, Shivangi Srivastava, Jyoti Dhal etc. 

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