On 7th July,  Distt 301 comprising of Delhi.NCR & its adjoining areas like  Rohtak, Sonepat, Hapur, Modinagar, had its Distt Assembly & Installation-ARUNODAYA, literally meaning -The Rising.

It’s a historic moment when Inner Wheel awakens to yet another dawn of putting its footprints on the sands of time. The baton passes to the new torch bearers of the District and the clubs who are excited, now focus their energies towards achieving the goals and objectives of Service and Friendship. 

In keeping with the traditions, each new session always begins with more to look forward to, more vision to do better for the Society and try to make it a better place. The District Chairman of 2017-18 Mrs Gita Dhawan spoke highly of the events and projects of the previous year and promised to create a beautiful world for the underprivileged.

"Actual Charity is doing something for someone who can never repay you'. Inner Wheel....Largest women voluntary service organisation in the world extending helping hand whenever & wherever needed & promoting friendship, believes in 'Happier futures, Better Lives'. The Inner Wheel theme for the year 2017-18 starting from 1st July, given by International Inner Wheel President is 'Leave a lasting legacy'. India is divided into 27 Inner Wheel Districts," said New Chairman Mrs Gita Dhawan.

The team of the past year was abuzz with excitement to unravel the achievements of work done by the various clubs throughout the year as awards were to be given by the District Chairman 2016-17 Renu Gupta.

 It was a major event in the presence of International Inner Wheel President Dr. Mrs Kapila Gupta hosted by the home club of Distt Chairman Gita Dhawan & well attended by around 400 members from all 65 clubs of Distt that have a membership strength of around 1800 plus.

Present on the occasion were -Distt VP Preeti Gugnani, Distt secretary Madhu Nagpal, Distt ESO Amrita Bogra, Distt Treasurer Ruchika Gupta, Distt ISO Anita Jain, Distt Editor Mala Rishi, P IIWP Minna Kapoor, Abha Gupta, Other PDCs, Distt Promotion Committee Chairperson Urvashi Mittal & other chairpersons.

All members exuded satisfaction over fair distribution of awards, Confidence in their leaders & their vision & happiness on not only having current year's IIWP Ms Kapila Gupta from India, that too from their own Distt but also on her presence amongst them on this August day. Ms Urvashi Mittal(outgoing president Delhi Midtown) received 'Outstanding President' award. The function was moderated by Dr Pravina Bhim Sain from Gurgaon.

As Reported By Urvashi Mittal


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