After their regular morning Laughter Yoga session, members of Gurgaon Laughter Club welcomed noted social activist Ravi Kalra at Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29 Gurgaon.  

All the member were extremely happy to meet Ravi Kalra and listened with rapt attention about his brief introduction and his saga of struggle in helping the senior citizens abandoned by their sons and daughters.

President of Gurgaon Laughter Club Dr Umesh Sahgal welcomed  Ravi Kalra with a bunch of flower and memento. " We feel extremely fortunate to have Ravi Kalra amongst us. He is known nationally for his selfless service to humanity. He is not only working for humanity but also for the environment  and extolling different social causes."

" I am extremely happy to spend few moments with the members of the Laughter Club of Gurgaon. President Umesh Sahgal had invited me for an interaction meeting to hear about our NGO's selfless, tireless and fearless service to look after abandoned senior citizens and disabled people. All the Laughter Club members welcomed me wholeheartedly. All the members attentively listened to my brief introduction about Our NGO Earth Saviours Foundation. They were deeply concerned about our mission. All of them came forward willingly to support our NGO. My sincere thanks to all of them for inviting me over and honouring me, " said Ravi Kalra.

All the members of the Gurgaon Laughter Club expressed their satisfaction interacting with Ravi Kalra. " Ravi Kalra is very simple, down to earth person. He is a totally dedicated person for the humanity. I was inspired by his speech. I will soon visit his Gurukul and try my best to help the inmates, "said MK Razdan, a businessman from sector 45.

Businessman Sandeep Gupta from DLF said, " it is very inspiring session.  I would like to join his mission and work for the underprivileged people "Volunteers from Earth Saviours Foundation also distributed stickers of No Honking Campaign that Kalra undertook amongst the members of Laughter Club.    



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