There is a famous saying that “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” What does my future hold? This is one question that every one of us would like to know. From foreign prospects to career advice and from matchmaking to a financial forecast... our panel of renowned COSMOLOGISTS have the answers for all your questions! We have years of experience in COSMOLOGY related services, which has given us THOUSANDS of satisfied clients. So what are you waiting for?

Cosmology also helps you to understand the energies and dynamics behind the names you use in your business and their impact. Cosmology can help you choose the perfect name for your business as well as the perfect unique brand name. Cosmology shows the impact, of slightly changing the name of a product when advertising it. Cosmology can explain why a product may not be selling.

With Cosmology.... a new name and start in your business, can produce a ‘unique name and suggestion’ to show how your business can help you to complete what you are here to do. We can also make suggestions for your business, which is like a detailed weather forecast for your new business.

Websites, business property names and brands, departmental names are the first way for people to contact or perhaps work with your company. Cosmology can help you to understand the impact of these names and alphabets.

Each alphabet   A to Z has its own specific properties, and a Physics' description of all these properties is still a major influence on modern day COSMOLOGY. “COSMOLOGY is the philosophy, science and psychology of the ALPHABET”.

“Through Cosmology, we start to see patterns and cycles and make sense of where we have been where we are and might yet be.  Therefore we understand the ‘impulse’, the ‘heartbeat’ of our own life. From understanding comes wholeness, peace of mind and compassion. Cosmology offers the possibility to remove ourselves from the sea of illusion and to walk the clear path up the mountain of self-realization”.

“Each alphabet is an expression of the quality of the life we lead. The understanding of their relationship and procession in our chart can provide great help in explaining the difficulties of past or present circumstances and therefore ease them greatly by helping us to take steps of least resistance”. 

The COSMOLOGY of Your Name

A COSMOLOGY  reading taken from your name alone will describe the person you are,  your nature and personality and things you value most. 

Your name is a personal symbol that is inseparable from you. Your name affects your personal life and has the strongest influence on your personality. 

From the spiritual point of view, we all choose our own names prior to incarnating into this lifetime. We choose our particular SPELLS for various reasons, some having to do with our experiences and lessons. As a COSMOLOGIST, the letters of your name correspond with the ALPHABET, and these ALPHABETS each carry particular energies, vibrations and traits of their own, culminating in the full energy or impact of your name. When you shorten the form of your name, the energy of your name changes. If you change your name, you call in new lessons that correspond with the new vibrations.

Our name is our 'Foundation in Life'. Why Names Matter Most?

Your names reveal who you are! Your Name's alphabet reveals who you should be. Names matter because your names create your personality, the conditions in your life, and your destiny. For your greatest happiness and success, you should allow the beautiful potential within you, a natural and stress-free expression. Where are your names taking you? Are you completely satisfied with the conditions of your life?

 Your name corresponds to a symbolic Alphabet that defines the main characteristics of your personality. It concerns who you are personally and isn't dependent on collective elements of your life. 

Discover the truth about your character through COSMOLOGY.


1-- A positive name begins the fruitful living for you and the growth in your life.

2-- A positive name overcomes fear.

3-- A positive name promotes your ability to be independent and do things positively and successfully.

Changing your name is a critically important decision because changing your name changes your personal and public 'energy'. Therefore it changes your LIFE and is all about analysing the energy of names, using simple but highly sophisticated mathematical formulas, which can be a huge help in finding a name uniquely right for YOU.

Nisha Mishra is a renowned Cosmologist of Page 3 Personalities. Her clients include high profile Bollywood Actors, Top-notch Fashion Designers, Many Leading Politicians of India and Hosts of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. She finds out the negative qualities in one's name and how to rectify them and bring successful in life.   She can be contacted in the following -, +91 9033209224

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