The 67 Vyas Puja ceremony of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj was organized by Delhi NCR Jaya Pataka Swami Sishya Samuh (JSSS) with the plethora of activities. The main programme started at Prasadam Hall of the East of Kailash, Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple on the 17th April 2016 the most auspicious day coinciding with Kamada Ekadashi which is considered to be the most auspicious day.

The day began with the announcement of the day at Mangala Arti. This was followed by Guru Puja & Darshan and Arti. The devotees were standing at the gate and welcomed all guest while putting the tilak on their forehead and putting garland. More than four hundred devotees gathered in the temple hall. His Grace Madhu Mangal Das- started his bhajan with the recitation of Vaishnava Songs. The whole atmosphere surcharged with the spiritual atmosphere.

Before that, the morning lecture was a video lecture by HH Jayapataka Swami. In the lecture Maharaj emphasized the importance of the Maha Mantra in purifying our heart, he explained the different paths of spiritual progress as told in the Vedas and of all these paths the easiest & most sublime path is the path of bhaktiYoga.

Maharaj said that there are many services available in devotional service and during initiation disciples promise in a general way to help Guru Maharaj in propagating the mission of Srila Prabhupada but each disciple must fix which service or services he will do like congregational preaching, book distribution etc. Maharaj said that austerity is good but to engage the senses, in the ways allowed by Shastras, in the service of the Lord is even better.

The celebrations at the main venue began with enthusiastic Hari Naam kirtan by HG Madhumangal Das, all disciples were at their assigned services in and around the venue ensuring that the invited guests were well received with flower garlands, Narasingha oil, Chandan & welcome drink. The Vaishnavi were at their special service since early morning preparing delicious bhoga for Guru Maharaj with love & affection that only daughters are able to express for their Spiritual father. The whole mood was one of unbridled joy as disciples celebrated this most auspicious event of the appearance of their savior from the ocean of material nescience.

Earlier banners announcing the upcoming Vyas Puja celebrations were put up at all Temples and Centers in the Delhi NCR to facilitate the devotees to attend the event, disciple had as always made arrangements for transportation for devotees so that they are able to attend the celebrations. Also, area coordinators personally met senior devotees and requested them to attend the celebrations & glorify our Guru Maharaj and presented the beautifully designed invitation cards which in itself was a collectors treasure.

The glorification of Guru Maharaj began with HH Bhakti Raghav Maharaj who said that this is a very important year as this is the Golden Jubilee year of ISKCON. HH Jayapataka Swami took initiation in 1968 in Montreal, so next year will be the Golden Jubilee of Maharaj’s initiation and two years later in 2019 will be the Golden Jubilee year of Maharaj’s sanyasi initiation.  His H Bhakti Raghav Maharaj said the HH Jayapataka came to India after serving as Temple President in Montreal, Toronto & Chicago. In India, he joined Achutananda Maharaj who was given Sanyasa along with HH Jayapataka Maharaj. Even though HH Jayapataka Maharaj was still very young Srila Prabhupada gave him charge of developing Mayapur saying that” I am giving you the Kingdom of God now you develop it. HH Bhakti Raghav Maharaj said in the early years HH Jayapataka Maharaj was single-handed handling many responsibilities such as keeping accounts of the donations received & expenses as well as engaging devotees arriving in various services.


HH Bhakti Raghav Maharaj said that HH Jayapataka Maharaj was so dedicated to the preaching mission of Srila Prabhupada that he gave himself completely to it without any material considerations. Maharaj said that all disciples of Guru Maharaj should be proud that you have such a pure Vaishnava who without being hampered by his all devotees when he would come back from his preaching tours he would bring small gifts for the physical considerations in dedicated to preaching continuously. Guru Maharaj has always been very caring for Vaishnavas residing in Mayapur. Maharaj would go to some countries where he could not go in the devotional dress.He would go in ordinary clothes to distribute the mercy of the Sankirtana movement. Maharaj said that as Guru Maharaj has been diligently following the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. We should also be inspired to make the instructions of the spiritual master our life and soul.

HG Mohan Rupa Das, Temple President Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple said that the Bhakti Vriksha program initiated by HH Jayapataka Swami has today about 5000 modules in which about 70-75 thousand devotees are associated. The meaning of taking initiation is that we should not entertain any other desire except to fulfill the desire of the Spiritual Master. It is said that Krishna considers one his own when he completely surrenders to the Lord through the Spiritual Master. Once when HG Mohan Rupa Prabhuji went to visit Guru Maharaj in the hospital, he was having assisted breathing and wires and tubes were attached to his hand but Maharaj was loudly chanting the Holy Names on his clicker so that other patients in the ICU could hear the Holy Names.

HH Bhakti Madhurya Govind Maharaj said that Guru Maharaj was a close friend who had been empowered by Srila Prabhupada to inspire HH BMG Maharaj. Maharaj said that once on a morning walk he asked Srila Prabhupada there is a chapter in the Canto 3 titled Devotional Service mixed with the modes of material nature- does this apply to your disciples. Prabhupada asked him why you call my disciple. He replied that those who follow you instructions. Srila Prabhupada replied only those who follows the disciplines given by the Acharya and follows all instructions is a disciple.

 HH Varaha Maharaj said that the Guru is fearless in accepting the sins of the disciples because he wants to spread the message of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu so it is the responsibility of the disciple to be careful in executing the instructions of the Guru and following the regulative principles. It is our good fortune that we have appeared in the same Kali Yuga as Sri Mahaprabhu and we should use this opportunity to engage in devotional service & go back to Godhead.

While taking the dais Jitamitra Das said about the meaning of the Vyas Puja and explained with lucid words, “Today is the very auspicious day as today is the Kamada Ekdadeshi also.   Vyas puja reminds us our relation with Guru. Jayapataka means victory flag. Prabhupad gave His name to lead the mission of Mahapraphupad.”

 Balbhadra Das, a senior devotee of Delhi Temple said, “Maharaj is my one the Siksha Guru.  He is the messengers of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  I have much inspired his Kirtan. He is an idol for everyone.”

 Keshav Murari Das, president of Rohini Temple said – “All the villages of Bengal are influenced by Maharaj. When he goes to villages he is welcome with Gauranga by the gents and while the ladies welcomes with the Ullu echo.  Maharaj had many a time came to Punjabi bagh temple to give his blessings. Thousands of devotees are inspired by the ideals of Maharaj.  If you sincerely follow the instructions of Maharaj he will definitely be happy.  Maharaj is always enthusiastic for the preaching.  After his illness, Maharaj is now getting more enthusiastic to preach.”  

 Jai Baikunth Prabhu said, “Maharaja is always enthusiastic for the preaching. I had an opportunity on many occasions to have his personal association. He is always a fatherly figure in our life. Guru is the mercy incarnation of the Krishna’s blessings.  Let us try to lead Bhakti Briksha and Namhatta  programme as preached by Maharaja. Maharaja is concerned about book distribution especially the Bhagawat Gita.”

Bashudev Das another senior devotee of Delhi temple had prepared a poem and recited in honour of Maharaj. It was a very inspiring poem for the devotees. Every stanza of the poem got excited clapping from the devotees.  

  Dr. Krishna Hari Das said, “JPS Maharaj has been flying the flag of ISKCON all over the world. Be it East India or South India around ninety-five percent Krishna disciples are from Jayaptaka Swami Maharaj. In 1995, I met Maharaj in Vrindavan.  I did not know his name even and I was much influenced by his personality. I was amazed how an American can speak so fluently Hindi and even Bengali. When I was introduced to Maharaj as a doctor, Maharaj told me you can become one of the prominent speakers of Bhagwat Gita. Today If I am preaching on Bhagawat Gita, it is due to the inspiring words of HH Jayapataka Maharaj. Today despite his ailing health he has been preaching the Massages of Bhagwat Gita.”  

President of Chipiwara Temple Neel Kantha Das said, “I would like to invite Maharaj to Chipiwara temple where Prabhupada used to stay there. Let us try to remove our all shortcomings and try to full -fill the dreams our Guru. He used to be the star attraction of the Ratha Yatra in Delhi. He is very conscious about time management. Despite his ill health always engaged in the service of Krishna. Let us offer our obeisance to the lotus feet of JPS Maharaj.”

Dr. Krishna Priya Das said, “on the Vyas Puja day the Vaishnav becomes very happy benevolent. He is the inspiration for the devotees.  His presence surcharges the atmosphere with energy.”

Madhu Mangal Das said everything related to Maharaj is big. His Kartal is big, his body is big and his Dham- Mayapur Dham is also big. He is always ready to help devotees and very caring. Maharaj is very humble and down to earth. His preaching is very wonderful.” 

His Grace Mahamantra Das said, “Despite his ailing health he comes to Delhi to give Darshan to the devotees of Delhi.

His Grace Dinnayak Das also spoke on the occasion.  He was reciting a nice Vaishnava Songs to glorify Maharaj. It is due to the mercy of the Vaishnava we get the mercy of God. Maharaj’s health is nor well but he still goes to every meeting in the Mayapur Parikrama.

His Grace Amogh Leela Das was conducting the whole ceremony and translating the speeches of all the Maharaj from English to Hindi.

Bhoga Offerings made by devotees were offered for the pleasure of Guru Maharaj which was followed by Guru Puja and Pushpanjali.

After the end of the morning program sumptuous Ekadasi Prasadam was served to all devotees. The assembled disciples were also waiting in anticipation for the days celebration was not yet over for they also get an opportunity to glorify their beloved Guru Maharaj at the post lunch session held at the  Robotic Show Hall.

On Monday morning, a sumptuous lunch was hosted by JSSS in honour of Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

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