On the occasion of the Mother's Day CD International School Maruti Kunj celebrated the with plethora of activities , where parents, teachers and students joined wholeheartedly.

"The day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mother's Day. One of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss. Mother’s Day is something everyone can relate to. People across regions, religions, castes, cultures, genders and financial status have emotions binding them to their mothers. There could not be a more universal celebration than this one. Keeping this bonding emotion in mind, we at CDIS had a special celebration on mother’s day," said director of the School Yashpal Yadav.

"As we know Mother's Day comes once a year. If we only comprehended a 10th of what our mothers did for us as children, and how they would literally sacrifice anything for us if needed, we would realize that one day is not sufficient.

Mother’s Day should be a time to remind us that we have been neglecting our duties as sons and daughters. This relationship is sacred and so let us honour our mothers. We at CD International School had something more special and unique to bring a smile on our beloved mother’s face “The Mom n Me” Week, " said Vice Chairperson the group Rekha Yadav.

On the 12th of May a special activity called “Heart to Art” was organized for the mothers of grade Nursery to 8th. The moms as well as the students had a splendid time making and painting a card together. It was a pleasure watching the super excited moms with their dynamic and energetic children preparing something unique, something special. The outcome of their efforts was marvellous. Each card was special and different in its own way. What more could have made “Mothers Day” more special than this. Also a free Eye check-up camp was organised for the all the students as well as for mothers.


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