The 68th Vyas Puja ceremony of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj was organised at ISKCON New Delhi Auditorium by Delhi NCR Jaya Pataka Swami Sishya Samuh (JSSS) with a plethora of activities on 7th April 2017-the most auspicious day coinciding with Kamada Ekadashi.

After the Mangal Arti in the morning, the announcement was made about the Vyas Puja Celebration in the temple. Morning Bhagavatam Lecture was played from the previous lecture delivered by JPS Maharaj at the main temple hall of Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple, East of Kailash.

Devotees decorated the main auditorium from the wee hours of the morning with flowers, ribbons and petals. Devotees standing at the gate welcomed all the guests putting the tilak on their foreheads and welcomed them with the flower garland. Meanwhile, senior devotees started the programme with bhajan and the recitation of Vaishnava songs. The whole atmosphere surcharged with the spiritual energy.

The glorification of Guru Maharaj began with Sridham Das, a senior disciple of His Divine Grace Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. He said, “I have joined ISKCON in 1972, there were few Indians. All the ISKCON devotees were foreigners.Everyone used to speak English. We did not understand English, but I tried to understand the English language. I met JPS Maharaj in 1980. I was impressed by his great personality. JPS Maharaj is leading the Guru Parampara in a proper way. There should be someone to lead the Parampara." 

He further said that "These days some people are trying to defy the Paramapara system. JPS Maharaj is totally divine. How Prabhupada led the Guru Parampara, JPS Maharaj also doing the same way. Prabhupad did Krishna sewa with great difficulty and the same way JPS Maharaj has also been doing. Bhakti means not only doing the chanting and it also means doing some practical to spread Krishna Consciousness. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said that he was sending one soldier to the world to preach His the message. He sent Prabhupada as a soldier to preach all over the world. Now JPS Maharaj has been leading the mission of Prabhupada in Mayapur. It is the duty of all our Godbrothers and Sisters to help him in leading the mission of Prabhupada.”

His Grace Keshav Bharti Prabhu, President Dehradun Temple said "today I am talking about a person whose body was not Indian and but he has been preaching the mission of Prabhupad more than any Indian in all over the world, despite his ailing health. We find that even there is no love between the same Godbrothers, but see how Prabhupada's disciples are leading the mission of Prabhupada all over the world with great efforts. We have to help them in leading the mission of Prabhupada."

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami could not attend the function as he was heading to Lucknow for an urgent meeting. He sent one written message and it was read by Gopeshar Das, where he said, "dear disciples of JPS Maharaj, I apologise, for not being able to attend the function. As I am going to Lucknow for an urgent meeting. I had the fortune to associate with JPS Maharaj from very long time. He is a very dedicated disciple of Prabhupada. Maharaj even used to contribute doing menial service outside the temple in Canada. Once Montreal temple was in financial crisis and he used to give the house rent of the temple working outside. He has been leading the mission of Prabhupada in different ways- by distributing the largest number of books, leading the Mayapur Mission, participating with great enthusiasm the Mayapur parikrama. Please accept my humble obedience on this auspicious occasion."

HG Gopeshar Das from Faridabad was conducting the whole programme in a flawless manner. For the Matajis it was really a hectic day from the early morning. They started preparing delicious Bhoga for Maharaj with love & affection. The whole mood was one of unbridled joy. They specially cooked Bhoga that JPS Maharaj likes to take. Even Several matajis brought Prasadam cooking from their home. More that 200 items were cooked for Maharaj and a big cake of course.

HG Radha Damodar Das in his speech said that “Despite the poor health Maharaj has been leading the preaching activities of ISKCON with great efforts. When I go to Bengal I find that his name is known all over the Bengal in very village and town, in a very household. He is very compassionate to all the fallen and downtrodden people. JPS Maharaj raised Mayapur Dham to its present height for that he even left his country. Has been working here to lead the mission of Prabhupad. I pray for the good health of JPS Maharaj on this auspicious day.

HH Bhakti Madhuri Govind Maharaj, said, "I am very grateful to glorify great JPS Maharaj. JPS Maharaj is a great elevated Vaishnav. He is not an ordinary human being. He has special mercy of Srila Prabhupada. There is very few empowered devotee of Sri La Prabhupada like JPS Maharaj. He was born to be Army General but not in material life but to be a General of Prabhupada. Prabhupada specially trained Maharaj to lead this Mission. I have seen how many times he was about to leave his body, he was in the coma, but Krishna and Prabhupada brought him back. When he has to fight against the Maya, how he can leave his body? JPS Maharaj is the General of Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu. He keeps on chanting Gauranga, Gauranga with great enthusiasm. He is a divine Vaishnav. He has opened so much extraordinary temple all over South India. How is it possible? It is because of the extraordinary power is given by the Mahaprabhu to him."

He further added Now all the disciples of JPS Maharaja has the great responsibilities to lead the mission of JPS Maharaj. They have to live like Vaishnav. Bring purity in your life and your Guru Maharaj will be OK Very soon would be."

The whole ambience reverted with the vibration of Gauranga, Gauranga when anchor Gopeshar Das tried to imitate JPS Maharaj style in between new speakers heading to the stage.

HG Raghab Pandit Das, Vice-President of Delhi Temple said, “ a few days back we celebrated Ram Navami. Lord Ram came to this world with a special mission to kill the Ravana, similarly, JPS Maharaj has come to this world with a mission- to rescue the fallen souls.

Srila Prabhupada has created a house and JPS is has been filling the house with thousands of disciples with great effort. JPS Maharaj is not only saving the society but also maintaining that society that Prabhupada has created. Lord Rama gave a special ring to find our mata Sita, Similarly, Srila Prabhupada also gave the special mercy to JPS Maharaj. Even the Seva given to JPS Maharaj were given by Mahaprabhu. I meet JPS Maharaj 20 years back and I found he has been working tirelessly in very moments in his life. He has been travelling all over the world, despite his ailing health and he is very compassionate to all. Maharaj is cent percent dedicated to the mission of Prabhupada.

Maharaj ensures that all devotees coming to Mayapur get proper treatment. Let us also pray to Lord so that we can engage ourselves in the mission of JPS Maharaj and Mission of Prabhupad.

H G BN Das, Vice-President of Delhi Temple said, I met JPS Maharaj in 1985, Maharaj was travelling in Gaur Nitai bus on a preaching mission. When I saw Him I felt I am in a divine place. I was in Mayapur 15 days. I saw how JPS Maharaj was leading the mission of Prabhupad with zeal. Maharaj has given every moment of his life to the mission of Prabhupad. When the Zee News team visited Mayapur, they were surprised to see how a foreigner speaks Bengali so fluently and has been spreading Indian culture all over the world. I have persevered all the message of JPS Maharaj written to me. He always encourages all engaged in preaching activities. Let Radha Parthasarathy give him good health. We need such a great general like JPS Maharaj,”

His Grace Mahamantra Das said, "Prabhupada said to initiate 50 thousand devotees to JPS Maharaj and he did it. He is a real Acharya. He immediately recognised people once met and never discriminates anyone. Maharaj puts everyone in equal level and has been doing line by line what Prabhupada told him to do. Maharaj appeared after Ram Navami and Gopal Krishan Maharaj also appeared after Krishan Janmastahmi. Both of them are leading in the mission of Prabhupada with great effort."

President of Delhi Temple Mohan Rupa Das said, "It is a very special occasion. All the temple of the world celebrate the Vyas Puja ceremony of Maharaj. His disciples are spread all over the world. There are 36 thousand listed disciples of Maharaj and many thousands of unlisted ones. When I have visited the Hospitals in Delhi doctor said that he has seen such people for the first time in his life. He is never afraid of diseases.His going to Hospital is like that of going to the washroom. He is never conscious of his bodily pain, but always ready to rescue the fallen souls. Maharaj was even preaching to the hospital staff. Prabhupada said to Maharaj that he was giving him the kingdom of God to develop. Maharaj's Bhakti Briksha is so popular that he has devotees all over the world. His name was also in Guinness Book of Record for travelling all over the world for the maximum of times. We are all in one family of Krishna consciousness and let us try to lead this mission together and make this place also like Vaikuntha."

Senior Vaishnav Balabhadra Das said "When I met Maharaj first times and I was much inspired by his lecture. His Kartals are very huge, his preaching programme is also very big."

Rukmini Krishna Das, President of Punjabi Bagh Temple said that he is the General of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We are very fortune to have such a great general. When I met JPS Maharaj I was inspired by his lecture, how he take care of the devotees, how he lead the Parikrama in Mayapur. He is very enthusiastic in preaching his mission. He gives the blessings to all one by one touching through his tri danda.

Neelkanth Das, president of Chippiware Temple, New Delhi said when I joined ISKCON I head that JPS Maharaj's Kirtan is very boisterous, he takes big kartals. He is am amazing personality. I remember how he was leading the Jagannath Ratha Yatra in Connaught Place. It was wonderful scene to see doing kirtan with his devotees coming from all over the world."

Keshav Murai Das, President Rohini Temple, His is always heavy in all respects – be it preaching, his bodily dimension, disciples, his mridanga, his number of disciples etc. His ways of pronouncing Gauranga is very different. He always inspires all the devotees in Mayapur Parikrama. He is aways inspiring people through his behaviour and through his work. I wish speedy recovery of Maharaj."

Dr Krishna Priya Das, JPS Maharaj is known all over the world for his transcendental nature. Despite his ailing health he has been preaching and making devotees in all over the world.

Her Grace Urmila Devi Dasi highly glorified JPS Maharaj in her speech. HG Vasudev Das Prabhu had specially written a poem for the pleasure of JPS Maharaj and he recited in his people lyrical poem in the august present of all.

Madhu Mangal Das, Vice President of Gurgaon Temple said Maharaj come for the treatment to Delhi but instead he treats other people through his spiritual message. We are all restless in life but we are restless for Maya, whereas JPS Maharaj is always restless for spreading Krishna consciousness.He character is so deep that it is very difficult to understand them. In daily activities, he is always like normal devotee but he is, in fact, displaying his different past times. The other prominent devotees who glorified Maharaj were HG Madhu Sundar Das, HG Rakesh Oberoi etc.

Around 2 pm Puspanjali was given to all and before that Bhoga offering was made for the pleasure of Guru Maharaj which was followed by Guru Puja. After the end of the morning program sumptuous Ekadasi Prasadam was served to all devotees. The assembled disciples were also waiting in anticipation for the day's celebration was not yet over for they also get an opportunity to glorify their beloved Guru Maharaj at the post lunch session held at the auditorium. Next day a sumptuous lunch was hosted by JSSS in honour of Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.


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