Contrary to a stereotype of school, kids in their different age groups attend Mogly’s Gurukul, to cultivate value education in their lives in a homely atmosphere. It seems very strange! But it is true.As soon as these kids enter the school they greet one another and their instructors in a traditional way. They keep their footwear outside the classroom in a disciplined manner. After regular prayers, they attend the classes on meditation, chanting on Japa malas, reciting of Sanskrit Shlokas from scriptures, painting, dancing and drama to name a few.

It was Gayatri Luthra’s passion for children that inspired her to start Mogly’s Gurukul. Coming from a highly spiritual background combined with a burst of innovative ideas, led to the inception of ‘Mogly’s Gurukul’ a spiritually inclined value education centre for children. The increasing need of making our children emotionally, spiritually, and mentally strong let to the development of a meaningful, soulful yet fun Gurukul curriculum which is now being conducted at various centers in Delhi & Gurgaon along with well-known schools like Lotus Valley Noida & Gurgaon, St Xavier's high school, Manthan, Anand pre-school & Royal Global School Guwahati.

The various activities being undertaken by Gurukul are - Gurukul classes at various schools, Gurukul-mythology based classes at various centers in Delhi NCR,   Value based story telling sessions, Dramatic classes, Summer and Winter camps in the session breaks for children at Mogly’s centers, Farm days- A winter day at the Mogly’s Animal Petting and Feeding farm,  Day Care at the Gurgaon center which is customized to suit all needs, Mythology based plays, Theme based birthday parties,  Various events like family days, orientation, inaugurations etc,  Abacus, Gymnastics and Handwriting classes etc.

 “Mogly’s Gurukul is a warm place with excellent teachers who work passionately. This is the only place in India with a mythology based concept focusing on our rich cultural heritage and moral values. This is the only place where there are no competitions or exams but we work on the sole objective of infusing positive energy and faith in children,” said Gayatri Luthra, the founder of the Gurukul.

 In an age when parents are running after traditional schools based on missionary and western culture, how Mogly’s Gurukul convince the parents about their new method of teaching? “Mogly’s Gurukul is not a mainstream school. It is a cultural centre and a day-care and the classes begin only after mainstream schools. We do not convince the parents; in fact, the parents bring their children so that they can learn what is not being taught in the mainstream school. Also, with more and more nuclear families becoming a norm, the parents are extremely keen on their children learning all the values and tales which were taught to us by our grandparents,” said Gayatri Luthra.

The Gurukul conducts different camps from time to time. These camps are very popular among the parents and children. “ We have recently concluded our spring camp which was held for 2 weeks. The Summer Camp is a 6 week program and the various activities that are being offered are- flameless cooking, dance, drama, art & craft, story-telling, astronomy, gardening, history, yoga, concept building, phonics, concentration and focus building games and our flagship program- Gurukul. There have been 50-55 kids attending the same every year informed Gayatri Luthra.

At schools, the teachers conduct classes for over 3000 children spread across different schools. It is to be noted that the Gurukul also runs an NGO called Umang which educates children of construction workers and rickshaw pullers.


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