Twenty-five years back, A.P Gulati after his graduation used to work in a private company. Now he is the owner of two Industrial units, where he employees more than twenty-five people with an annual turnover of more than two crores rupees. After so many years, looking back to his past he still gives credit to the organisation from where he took the training and learnt about entrepreneurship-Rudset Institute.

“After completion of my graduation from Gurgaon College, I did not want to join in any Government organisation. Already most of the members of my family were in Government jobs and banks. Then I joined in a private job, My career was running smooth and earning handsome amount, but was never satisfied in my career’. I had a vision in my life- that instead of being employed I will employee other people in my own dream organisation. Then decided not to continue my private job for long, and left the job to work on my own venture,” said Gulati reminiscing his days of yore.

Over the years he worked hard and raised his Industrial unit to its success. “Success did not come to my life in one stroke. I worked hard in every moment of life. Somebody told me that Rudset Institute provides training on entrepreneurship. I took a 15 days motivational training at Rudset for the entrepreneurship development programme. It was a very inspiring and motivational programme. To do something of own, it requires money, which was not at my hand. Getting a loan from the bank was very difficult at the time. Even for a paltry some of the loan I had to run from pillar to post. With just 32 thousand rupees in my hand, started the work on repairing of steel bed, but the business was no flourishing. Those days were full of struggle. I used to work 15-16 hours in a day. Profits still eluded me. Soon graduated to manufacturing steel chairs, tables and furniture and used to supply into the market. Slowly my hard effort started showing fruits and the organisation was in right direction. After that there was no looking back, sheer hard work and work without any cessation became my way of life.” said A.P Gulati.

When asked down the line how he sees himself he said, “Down the line I want to do more value addition to my products and expand the present units into big Industry. We are planning to shift the units into industrial areas and do technology up gradation and lead my organisation to another level.”

AP Gulati is a man of indomitable spirit and adventure. He believes that learning process in life never ends. To excel in one field, one has to be knowledgeable and must have the latest information on the science and technology. One has to upgrade his skill time to time.  "Recently he had joined IIM Ahmadabad’s programme on the small and medium entrepreneurs. About the programme, he said, “I have learnt lots of things joining the programme. It was a wonderful experience interacting with the Director and faculties of IIM-A and entrepreneurs coming from all over the country. After attending the programme in IIM-A, now more motivated and determined to expand my unit into Industry. I am working in that direction and would love to join more such programme in future at Indian Institute of Management. 

AP Gulati has been honoured by several organisations for his success in the field of entrepreneurship. In 2014 he received Indira Gandhi Gold Star Award. He was honoured by Bhism Narayan Singh, then Governor of Bihar.  

But he is not alone in his journey. He is helped by his wife Madhu Gulati.  She helps him in his office administration. His both the son and daughter are studying in colleges.

A resident of Gurgaon, A P Gulati is also a man of multi-talents. He has vast knowledge on Vastu and Astrology. He likes to read on these subjects as a hobby.  He has been associated with a number socio-cultural organisation.

Talking about Rudset from where he got the training he said, “Now Rudset has made lots of progress. When we attended their training session, the organisation was running in a small way. Now it has the presence all over the country and they are doing wonderful work imparting training on the entrepreneurship development programme. It is because of the Rudset I am an entrepreneur employing several people, whose families are dependent on their income.” He is still associated with Rudset and visit the organisation from time to time and helping them in various ways.
A. P Gulati is also a very spiritual man. He is an avid reader and likes to read on Indian scripture. He loves reading Vedic scriptures of India and drawing a lesson from there into present day life and travels a lot.

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