Learning art at after the age of 60 plus seems odd. But for the guests coming to Second Innings located at DLF-I Gurgaon, they found their new art classes under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Artist Sangeeta Kumar Murthy, every enlivening and a stress-buster. 
Most of the senior citizen coming to Second Innings, the recreational spot created by Poonam Soni, has been taking their hidden passion with seriousness. These senior citizens come to Second Innings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday they attend the art classes of Sangeeta Kumar Murthy religiously. 
All these senior citizens are leaning arts with apt attention. They are very serious. Some of them have made wonderful specimens. They are very enthusiastic and full of spirit,” said Sangeeta Kumar Murthy.
What promoted here to teach the art lesson to these senior citizens she says, “As a person, I have always believed in giving back to the society in some way or the other. It was back in October 2015 when I met Mrs. Poonam Soni and she introduced me to this NGO that she runs. At that point in time, my idea of giving back to the society synced perfectly with volunteering in the NGO and that's when I started teaching everyone at the old age home,” said Sangeeta Kumar Murthy.
“I used to draw 16 years back. Now I am painting after so many years. It is a wonderful experience.  Uasha Khanselwal,
“I feel I am doing something different. It is very de-stressing. After drawing my painting I feel satisfied and my family members have appreciated a lot,” said Rashmi Jain.
Another regular attendee of the class Rama Kansal said, “I never took the brass. I feel very positive. Everyone encourage my creation here.”  

“Initially a few of the members tried their hand at drawing and it was difficult for them as holding a pencil was making their handshake. Many members were hesitant as they thought art and drawing was something that kids did and was definitely not 70+-year-olds cup of tea. Seeing the few that did start, the majority also joined in. At first, we started with the basic drawing of rounds and ovals. Gradually we moved on to colouring with oil pastels. As of now, they have started sketching as well. Recently they also did an art show on Second Innings first anniversary at the centre.” She added. 

“My students at second inning are a group of 14 -15 and in between the age of 70 to 93. They are not just my students anymore but have become a family to me. They have started visiting my art shows and are extremely supportive & encouraging, “ she added further. 

Some of the regular attendees of the art classes are- H S Bhatia, Anita Maheshwari, Rajini Rekhi, Neetu Sood, Shashi Nanda, Kusum Lata, Neera, Poonam Soni, Kiran Mago, Janak Sablok, Neelam Chadha, Indu Jain, Veena to name a few.


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