Bhagawat Gita has been expplained by more that one thousand time till different saints and scholars till now. They have written Bhagwat Gita from different prespetive and I have read several editions but I did not found in any of them them the messages of Bhagwat Gita from practical point of view. There my latest edition of Gita is an endevour in this directrion, said Acharya Shri Sudarshan Maharaj, in an interview in Gurgaon, releasing his latest edition of Bhagawat Gita at ISKCON Sudarsham Temple in Gurgaon on Sunday, 19 March 2017.

It took four years to Acharya Shri Sudarshan Maharajs to complete the book. The book has been published by Daimond Publishers. “I felt in today's marterialistic society Bhagawat Gita has tremendous importance for every one. What Lord Krishna told five thousands years back to Arjun is still relevent in todays's society. Krishna told Arjuna to bow down before a Guru and elders  But today's new generations never bow down before the Almigthy and they thrink they are doer of everthying. Todays' youth never respect their Gurus and Elders, they beocme to self -centric. But Krishna told to repcet the elders and Gurus. These message must be conveyed to Today's new generation, said Acharya Sudarshan.

Acharya Shri Sudarshan Maharaj is a world renowned vedic scholar, philosopher and thinker. His discourses on life sciences and spiritualism have earned him the love and respect of people throguout the world. He is a man of different hues - an Educationist, Philanthropist, child psychologist, a prominent teacher, Spiritual & Yoga Guru, in one stroke.

So far he has written more that 114 books in English and Hindi and his books are very popular amongs the students and schoolars alike. Acharya Shri Sudarshan Maharaj holds a Masters Degree in Arts, Ph.D., Sahitya Ratna, Sahitya Visharad, Vidyavachaspati and many more. He is amongst a selected few from the world of spiritualism who have achieved such high levels of academic excellence.

He has represented India at several high level conferences and seminars held in several countries of the world. He has been conferred with several national and international awards and citations in recognition of his work as an educationist as well as a social reformer.

He has also been actively involved in establisshing a number of educational institutions in different states of India like Bihar and Jharkhand. He deeply concerend for the eduction of the children of the society. He considers the childrend asthe building blocks of the nation.

He firmly believes in the power of the self and preaches it to his followers as well. For him it is very important for every individual to know the self first. If you know your self the world will follow you. The basic foundation of human life is Knowledge. The more you are knowledgeable the more you will be powerful. He also believes in personal experiences and inventions rather than borrowed ones. He stress on the removing all the negative propensities from our life and excell our own self by medidation and positve vibes. “One who helps himself can help other also . This message of self help was given to Arjun by Lord Krishna. After listening to Krishna, Arun beame strong in his resolves and he won the Kurushetra war. So Gita's Message is still very much relevent to us all,” said Sudarshan Maharaj.

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