On the occasion of Holi- the Festival of Colours THOR- The Harmony of Riders Celebrated Occasion in New Delhi in a different way. They honoured several prominent people doing yeoman service in their respective areas. 
It was a grand celebration of the  Riders with their family, relatives, Kids and of courses all their well-wishers.  

As a pat of the celebration, THOR members awarded renowned social activist  Mr. Ravi Kalra, Founder of The Earth Saviours Foundation. Col. Rajesh for his great service to the nation, Kilkari, a girl child orphanage for their commendable service to children of prostitutes and abandoned girl child and Journalist Pranab Saikia for his bold and innovative reporting.  

All the award recipients were honoured with flower bucket and moment. In his speech, social activist Ravi Kalra highly appreciated the works of THOR riders and how they are extolling the causes of the poor. “Usually we have a very negative perception about any rider and always see them with disdain: but these riders are different, they are helping the poor and abandoned people of our Gurukul both in cash and kind. They are the people inspired to do something for the needy and poor.” Karla also appreciated the all the riders for extolling his mission on 'No Honking' Campaign. Recently all the Harmony Riders joined with Kalra in Faridabad in No Honking campaign. 
Mr Ravi Kalra runs a Gurukul- an old age home providing shelter for approximately 400 old people. THOR membered visited the Gurukul, arranged lunch for old age people, donate clothes, shoes and other important goods. 

Col. Rajesh highly appreciated these riders of the different genre. He appreciated all the riders' discipline, sense of dedication, adventurous attitude and full of passions. He also mentioned how they ready to fight for a social cause, help the poor and needy and thereby helping toward  Nation Building process.

Kilkari, a girl child orphanage was also invited. Kilkari official Ms Arti joined the function on behalf of the organisation. THOR has done 2-3 cause rides with Kilkari, provide them clothes, stationary, breakfast, lunch and help them to grow in all fields.

Journalist Pranab Saikia highly appreciated the works of THOR. Saikia appealed the THOR rider to lead their mission into national level, as it as all the riders are very much motivated and inspired to do something at the national level. In his speech, Pranab Saikia said, “ What surprises me is that these riders are not media savvy and whatever works they are doing is without any glare of media. Even these riders involving their family members for the Good Samaritan work for a social cause. I feel very happy to be associated with you.”  

After the award ceremony, now it was time for a cultural programme. Kids of these riders' presented poems and songs. Ladies presented their series of riddles in a humorous way. There was also dance sequence from the THOR members. All the members also gave their brief introduction and a small speech, how they were inspired in this noble mission. Finally, all the guests and hosts joined the feast and played Holi with flowers and Gulal. 

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