After his stint with the real estate sector in sale, purchase and construction line for more than 9 years, Danish Parvez stepped into the new avenue of his career – into the world of the Grand Hit motion pictures Private Limited Company Mumbai Maharashtra (India.) as a producer in Bollywood. Despite hailing from a middle-class family, with no family members to support him in his adventurous professional fields, he has of late made his name both into these fields- the Reality Sector and enchanting Grand Hit Motion pictures Private Limited Company Mumbai Maharashtra (India.)

For this hard working 27- year young guy from Central Delhi, his work is his worship place. Danish Parvez has wide experience of the working in the realty market in several Northern Indian states like Rajasthan, Delhi and UP. He has been severing as a Managing Director of his real estate company Private Limited (OPC) for more than 8 years. His company got tremendous success in the real estate markets, especially in Jaipur.

But this zealous guy wants to explore another profession of his passion. It was his passion to go into the tinsel world and make his name. He is the managing director and producer of Grand Hit Motion Pictures Private Limited Company Mumbai Maharashtra (India.) Under the banner of his company, he is producing Bhojpuri movies right now. His next Bhojpuri movie 'Raja Pyar Na ' starring celebrated Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal and Anjali Singh is to be released March this year. The movie is produced by renowned director Satish Jain. Danish Parvez is quite hopeful about the success of his movie. Talking about his movie he says, “ I hope my movie will be accepted by all. It has all the elements of love, romance, comedy, humour, tragic scenes and a good ending. All the team members of the crew have been working hard and completely dedicated themselves to make this movie a Grand Hit Motion Pictures Private Limited Company Mumbai Maharashtra (India.)

The movie was shot in different parts Northern India and Mumbai. Parvez is very hopeful of future of Bhojpuri movies. “ Nowadays Bhojpuri movies are more popular even Hindi Movies. It is because Bhojpuri movies touch the life of general people, unlike Hindi movies where ultra rich and modern people are portrayed. Bhojpuri movies have the touch of the native soil. That's why Bhojpuri movies are always popular.

Now Danish Parvez plans to move Bollywood to be a successful producer. Right now I am working both in Delhi and Mumbai. But down the line, I want to devote more time in Bollywood. Bollywood is my dream world.” said Danish Parvez. What promoted him to come to the world of Cinema where there are so many risks and chances when was working in real estate world?

Nobody in our family is from the movie and theatre world. It is a completely different world for me. I was much interested watching movies from all languages like Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, South Indian Languages, and several European Languages. Even in my childhood, I wondered on the thought how to make movies. But it was a producer friend from Mumbai who encouraged me a lot to take my passion as my profession. As per risk, I feel if you work hard and be honest in your dealings, nobody can stop you from the path of success. I am not afraid of failure, rather our failure teaches us to be more careful in life. Success is coming to me in the directorial venture. I am quite hopeful my success in this new field of my interest,” he discloses.

A graduate of Delhi University, Danish Parvez is a visionary entrepreneur. Right now more than 800 people are working in his company under different positions. He has been working like a busy bee from wee hours to the late night of the day.He wants to lead his companies as the leading group of companies in the country in near future. Despite achieving considerable success at a very young age, when his friends are still looking for a job in different organisations, Danish Parvez gives credit for his success to his hard work, his team in the office, friends and family members.

But he is very down to earth and very spiritually conscious. He is also a member of Indian Motion Picture Association ( IMPA) and WIFPA regularly attend their meetings and conferences and follows all the guidelines of IMPPA. & .

Danish Parvez is also a movie buff and likes to play Cricket and Football. Reading Books, Watching Movies with his family members are his other interests. He lives with his mother, two brothers and sisters in Central Delhi. He Loves Travelling and has wide experience of Travelling different parts of the country.  Last but not least he is a great foody alos.


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