Kapil Chopra is the man behind give green fuel different cities of Haryana like Gurgaon, Rohtak and Karnal etc. He is the chairman of Haryana City Gas ( HCG) that provide CNG in Gurgaon.

Chopra is very happy that people are getting conscious about the environment of the country.  On the deteriorating quality of level of air, Kapil Chopra said, “Government should ban all kind of diesel engine commercial vehicle. As they are causing lots of pollution in the air. There should be more consciousness on the part of the resident about the quality of the air they inhale. The bad quality of air has not only cause pollution but also cases lots incurable diseases.” 

 Thirty years back Kapil Chopra, took the cudgel of Bentex company from his father, the company had only one crore annual turnover. After thirty years, today SKN BENTEX Group has achieved a staggering turnover of more than 200 cores. Behind this grand saga of success lies the vision and hard work of Kapil Chopra, the managing director of the group – a very simple and sober, down to earth and introspective man.

SKN BENTEX is the largest manufacturer of electrical goods and home appliances. The group is having distribution network all over India and exporting to several countries worldwide. The Gas Group of the company is manufacturing home gas appliances. Besides, the group has diversified into real estate division constructing shopping malls in Delhi and NCR.   

A B.Tech of BITS Pilani, Kapil rates his success story like, " perusing our goal persistently, keep on thinking on new innovative ways, satisfying our dealers and suppliers and above all we treat people working in my company not as an employee but as a member of the company. Everyone gets ample opportunity to show their best of abilities and creativities. There is less of dominance over the employees and more of freedom to use their best intellect. But we keep a tab on their activities -that too only two percent." 

for Kapil Chopra, life is not alone confined to his business. It transcends beyond that. He is the chief patron of Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry of NCT. Besides he has been associating with hosts of organisation – both social and charity. How does he find time to devote his time to so many activities? Kapil becomes reflective and discloses, "Sometimes I really feel tired with the heavy burden of work and I feel I will retire from my extra burden. But when I remember people who are busier than me and see their achievements I feel they too are working within stipulated 24 hours in a day. It is the management of the time that matters ultimately. Everything is possible in this world provided you cling to time and space."

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