Renowned doctor couple Ravi Sauhta is a practicing doctor in Millennium city associated with reputed hospitals of Gurgaon but lives a life on Vedic way- of simple, sober, being vegetarian, doing meditation, regularly reading scriptures on transcendental nature and delivering mind boggling lectures on Bhagavatam

Dr. Ravi Sauhta is popularly known as Radha Ballav Das amongst the devotees of ISKCON, whose transcendental lectures based on Vedic Scriptures, are very popular amongst the people. He regularly delivers the lectures at ISKCON Gurgaon Centre despite his hectic schedules.

 Dr.Ravi Sauhta is Chief Consultant Joint Replacement, Pelvi-Acetabular & Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgeon and earned his M.S. in Orthopedics Surgery at University of Nagpur & then completed his Residency & Houseman ship at M .G. Institute of Medical Sciences & Kasturba Hospitals Wardha in Central India in the year 1991. He also completed his M.Ch. (orthopedics) from US University.

Dr, SAUHTA, began his career as faculty at University Of Nagpur M.G. Institute of Medical Sciences in Dec 1991.He was Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the above Institute (Dec 1991/Mar.1995).Then was in full-time Private Practice as independent visiting Consultant to various Gurgaon-based Hospitals and has over 20 years of working experience in the field of Orthopedic Surgery. From 2003 onwards till 2008 He held various teaching positions and was appointed as Unit Head & Associate Professor in Department of Orthopedics at S.A.I.M.S., then Visiting Professor of  Orthopedic Surgery &  Joint Reconstruction surgery (2009 onwards….) as visiting Sr. Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon S.A.I.M.S General Hospitals.

Dr. Sauhta is recognized a faculty member for various AO/ASIF training courses in India & has more than 20 publications to his credit.

He has delivered numerous scientific presentations as the faculty member for AO Educational courses & is a favorite speaker among Regional & National Orthopedic Societies. His expert opinion matters in various controversial issues in the field of complex trauma and Joint Reconstruction Surgery and Osteoporosis.

His main interest is Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery and including Revision Joint Reconstruction. He got wide expertise in handling difficult fracture situations including managing a complex intra -Articular Fractures with results matching international standards. He has the keen interest and is one of the few around who can provide operative solutions for high-velocity Pelvic injury & Acetabular Fracture Reconstruction.  He has got wide experience in limb salvage surgery for large bone tumors followed by Mega Prosthetic Reconstructions and lumbar Spinal stabilization procedures.

Seating at his chamber Krishna Specialty Clinic in posh DLF-IV locality, he narrates his sojourn into a spiritual world. “In 1995, I went Tirupati with my wife Dr. Meenakshi. While returning back to home one white dhoti kurta clad devotee came to us requested to purchase a copy of Bhagawat Gita. Then Meenakshi also requested me to purchase the book. The cost was high- may be Rs 450 at that time. But I purchased it reluctantly. For the year, the book was in my book shelves. I never read it. Once when I was shifting my home in Gurgaon the book immediately came to my notice and I kept it aside.  Few weeks later I started reading the book. The book started giving the answer to my quarries that I was hankering over the years. I finished reading the book. It changed my perception on Karma theory of life,” he reveals.

“I was very inquisitive from my childhood and would not accept the theory until there is scientific proof of Almighty. I wanted scientific proof on the existence of God. I was baffled on the theory of Karma. Why doing best of your efforts why one fails in their result? These were some of the questions that never get the answer anywhere. But reading Bhagawat Gita, I got scientific answers to all my quarries. The book is full of scientific explanation with quotes from the renowned scholar of Vedic age,” he added enthusiastically.

His dedicated skills in Orthopedic work over past two decades and more than 30,000 successful surgical outcomes to his credit speak by itself of his rich clinical experience. He was among the first few professional to introduce various modern and mini-invasive techniques in the field of Trauma and Reconstructive surgery, Spine surgery including deformity correction, Pelvi-Acetabular Surgery, also Reconstruction of Facial Skeletal Complex Fractures, in the history of Gurgaon way back in 1995 when the Facilities were very primitive and no major Hospitals were on the horizon.

He is at present Chief Consultant, Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon, chief Coordinator, Paras institute of Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgery, Paras Hospitals.

He undertook fellowship training as an AO Foreign Fellow in St. Paul Regions Hospital in U.S.A. with Professor Peter Cole in Pelvic & Acetabulum Reconstruction & Adult Revision Joint Replacements and Reconstruction and was trained at various centers in South Korea for the same.
One day they had visited Delhi ISKCON Temple. They were impressed by the scientific explanation on the existence of God after visiting the Vedic planetarium. Soon both of them started following Vedic principles of life. They came into the guidance of senior devotee like Achyut Hari Das etc. In 2006 he got initiation from Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj at Vrindavan and his got spiritual name – Radha Ballav Das.
Besides healing the patients he, Dr. Radha Ballav likes to read books and likes to listen to Bengali Bhajan and Kirtan of Lord Krishna.

Dr. Ravi is a senior consultant on joint replacement and reconstructive trauma Surgeon while Meenakshi is a senior consultant on obstetrician Gynaecologist & Endoscopic Surgeon. Both the couple is very grateful to each other for their support. They have a hectic life every day while attending the patients and performing operations. “. Sometimes I find it very difficult to perform my sixteen rounds Japa meditation. I keep on traveling different countries like Poland, Switzerland, Hongkong, Spain etc.  It is very difficult to complete my 16 rounds. But by the mercy of Krishna, I perform my rounds and again my wife Meenakshi is a wonderful person, despite her hectic schedules she takes care of our deities every day at home. She really encourages me to in devotional life,” avers the doctor devotee.

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh Dr. Sauhta is now a resident of Gurgaon. Healing the patients he also likes to give messages of Godhead to them.
Before performing complex operations, both the couple utter Holy names of Lord Krishna. And the result is always positive- both the couple confirms it with a smile.  “I remember lines of Gita just before performing complex operations. Now my patients are friendlier than before and they also like to take the advice of their soul”, he added.
Down the line, they want to do something for the humanity on the large scale. “I want to establish bhakti Vedanta hospital on the line of bhakti Vedanta Hospital in Mumbai,” he reveals.

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