11 years old Sahil Bakshi has seen few springs of his life but the fragrance of his name and fame have spread far and wide. He has recently selected for an advertisement and documentary films for Maruti Suzuki and Haryana Pravasi Divas. The achievement of his work has made everyone happy.

This is not alone, Sahil is a very intelligent student in his class. He can recite difficult slokas from the scriptures with elan. His grandmother Shashi Sarma, who is head of the department of French Language in Gurugram Public School in Gurgaon is also very pious and spiritual and his mentor. “ Sahil was very intelligent from his childhood. We got lots indications after his birth. There is always nice and peaceful environment in the house and when I seat for the prayer in the morning and evening Sahil very attentively listens to my slokas of the prayer and now he remembers all these slokas very easily. His interest grew and he started reading more Sanskrit slokas from the scriptures and those hymns of Saint Kabir Das.”

                                               Sahil Bakshi with Grandmother Shashi Sarma

Well, his inclination could be inborn; but the credit goes to his grandmother as well who is his spiritual guru. Sahil's mother is working in a multinational company in Gurgaon and elder sister is studying in Pilani in Rajasthan.

A student of class 7 from Gurugram Public School, Now he is a confident orator in the school and in his speech he even mentions these Sanskrit Slokas from the scriptures.

Smart and bubbly, Sahil is very popular in his school and neighbourhood for his oratory skills coupled with his strong performance in various competitions and Olympiads held in the school.

Unlike boys of his, age Sahil has set his aims in life. When asked what he wants to be in life? Sahil said, “In future, I want to do research and would be a scientist.” Why does he want to be a scientist? “ India needs to progress and become a developed country. Being a scientist I want to contribute for the development of the country," came the pat reply. 

We wish him all the best!


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