Global Cultural Foundation  in association with Second Innings Centre, organised a wonderful show of Fashion walk,dances and music in epicentre on 30th November. Three generations took part in the fashion show and dances. The aim of this creative event was to bring the smile on senior citizens and make them feel confident by giving them an opportunity to perform on stage . 

Mrs Kiran Chopra , Chairperson of Varisth Nagrik Kesri Club was the Chief Guest, who lit up the Ceremonial  Lamp along with Mr and Mrs Poonam Soni, Mr & Mrs Subash Jain, Col & Mrs  Partap Singh of CCA school , Col & Mrs Chadha and Lilly Singh . Chief Guest is Chairperson Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club who has 23 branches in India for Sr Citizens followed by Ganesh Vandana and a singing performance by Tuhina who sang Satyam Shivam Sundaram. GCF members gave fantastic performances on solo and group dances.

Col Chadhasang an  English number  Strangers In the Night of Frank Sinatra and a beautiful song Aadha hai chandrama with suman chawla. Members of Second inning centre performed solo and group dances that were praised by audience a lot.

Fashion Show with cat walk started with Punam Soni of Second inning Centre. Three generations took part. Mr Bhasin who is 93 years old and punam soni grand children age 9 and 4 also took part in cat walk and dances.

SOLO dances of Manju Tripathi and Preeti Rajgadia was super and was highly appreciated.Solo and Group Dances by Young ladies of GCF &  WESS. Children of CCA  School as well as from underpriveledged school also participated. The  Show  was ably anchored by Mrs Manju Tripathi and Mr Vinod Bajaj  

This event was indeed a creative thinking of Col Chadha President GCF who worked hard to motivate senior citizens for taking part in the fashion show and dances to keep see a smile on their faces Mr Subhash jain with her wife 80 plus dis ramp walk with grand children. It was indeed a great event where senior citizens were given confidence that they are not a spent force and that they also have dignity and know how to enjoy.

Global Cultural Foundation AIM is to see a smile on Sr Citizens faces. The evening concluded by a Bhangra and Gidha Show by Punajbi Artists wherein all those present also danced and enjoyed the Bhangra  and award ceremony. The entire Evening was a great show and was fully enjoyed by one and all and was really appreciated.

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