Madhur Nimai Das (MD Yadav) is a business by profession. Over the years, he has been in the business of car servicing, yet he has also been associating with the devotional life of Krishna and an active life patron of ISKCON Gurgaon Centre.

Ever since his joining of ISKCON he has been in the book distribution- of Bhagawat Gita. With other devotees of ISKCON, he has  been religiously doing book distribution Seva of Sri La Prabhupada- the founder Acharya of ISKCON.

While remembering his spiritual connection he said, “Before coming to ISKCON, our family members also used to follow all the rules and regulations of the Vedic way of life. My mother would not give us food unless we bathe and pray in the prayer room. We were vegetarian by birth. My father and grandfather- Ram Mehar Yadav and Lohram Yadav, had built several temples in Delhi NCR region. They were very spiritual. We got the good upbringing in the family but coming to ISKCON our spiritual life become very discipline.”

 “I came to ISKCON when one day along with my family we went to Lotus temple in Delhi for a visit. Somebody told me to visit ISKCON temple nearby. We were amazed at the Kirtan and deities in the temple. The cleanliness of the atmosphere also greatly impresses us.  Later on, I purchased several books of Prabhupada and read them seriously and then our serious journey to Krishna Bhakti started,” said Madhur Nimai Das while talking about his association with ISKCON.

Blest with two sons- Abhimanyu and Yogesh, his wife Sanatani Sampak lata Devi Dasi is also a very loving and caring devotee. Both the sons are also in Bhakti line.

“He is very serious in his book distribution Seva. Under any circumstance he would not miss book distribution Seva every Sunday,” says his wife Sanatani Sampak lata Devi Dasi.

A resident of DLF-2 Madhur Nimai Das likes to read books. He has finished reading Bhagavatam and started to read it anew.

On very Gita Jayanti he has been doing record book distribution Seva. He is even imparting devotional life to his employees in his works place - Tirupati Balaji Automation Pvt. Limited situated in Sikander pur. His servicing center offers multiple servicing facilities life- Tyre and Accessories, Car Insurance, Engine Diagnosis, AC services, wheel Balancing, Washing and Lubrication,  Painting and accident Jobs, Teflon Coating, Pickup facilities, Cashless Claim etc. But despite his busy schedules in his work, he also takes out time for visiting Tirupati Balaji Temple in Andhra Pradesh every year with his family members during the school vacation of his sons.  

I nspired by the teachings of his Guru Maharaj, and senior devotee of Gurgaon ISKCON Temple President Vidurpirya Das   he has started conducting Bhagawat Gita classes on every Friday evening in his home at DLF-2. “Lots of new people are coming to our programme and taking the devotional life of Krishna Prema. Even several members of our family are seriously taking Bhakti and become regular members of ISKCON,” said Madhur Nimai Das.



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