An elderly couple Dr Umesh Sahgal and Usha Sahgal, a resident of Ridgewood Estate in DLF-IV Gurgaon come with trips of laughter and humour for the entire residents of Gurgaon and they are doing with zeal in different parts of the city for the young and the aged people alike to keep them in good humour, spirited and healthy.

It was only a few years back they shifted to Gurgaon from Delhi and they started L2G – Laughter Together Club which is part of Delhi Laughter club. In Delhi, they regularly hold laughter sessions in different parts of the city while heading Delhi Laughter Club. They are doing it without any fees and  liabilities -it is absolutely free of cost.

Right now they are organising laughter session for people of all ages in different parts of Gurgaon like -
Leisure Valley Every Sunday Morning. DLF-II Park on Wednesday and Saturday, Smriti Park Sector 55/56, Parsvnath Green Ville Sohna Road, Ridgewood-DLF-IV and DLF-I etc to name a few.
“There are tremendous benefits of laughter. It has been proved that Laughter Yoga helps in most of the diseases like depression, blood pressure, respiratory disorders, hyperacidity, Diabetes, and to some extent stress borne diseases, as well as diseases related to food habits and working conditions. Therefore, I recommend that Laughter should be a part of the everyday lifestyle,” said Dr Umesh Sahgal.

“ A 20-minute regime of laughter can do wonders. It is a mood uplifter, boosts the quality of life, brings happiness and makes one hopeful and optimistic.Both natural and forced laughter have the same effect. Both release good chemicals into the system. The ancient Hasya-Yoga therapy is famous for its benefits,” he added further.

His wife Usha Sahgal has been holding regular laughter sessions in their apartments and neighbourhood areas for the ladies.
“In today’s extra-fast paced life and in the race of getting more, we have lost the real happiness of living – the life itself. This has lead to many modern day ailments as stress, depression, gastric acidity, ulcers, blood pressure, asthma, allergy, diabetes and obesity. That is where Laughter session and Laughter Clubs play an important role,” said Usha Sahgal.
Inspired Dr. Madan Kataria who started the laughter club in Mumbai the couple has been doing their best over several decades to infuse the spirit of laughter amongst the residents.

“The concept of laughter yoga is based on the scientifically proven fact that the body can not differentiate between fake laughter and real laughter. Anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. Laughter is a relaxant during heavy, serious sessions in conferences and seminars,” said Usha Sahgal.

“We are inviting people to join the cause of Laughter Yoga and bringing the change in the way we lead our lives. We can now be healthier and happier with a lit pinch of laughter in our lives. It comes free – the only price that one pays – a smile,” said the couple.
Dr Umesh Sahgal has been awarded and rewarded by several organisations all over the country for his contribution  
to the cause of laughter. Recently he was awarded by 'Delhi Ratan Award' by RWA Federation of Delhi and Shaan -e-Bharat by Pratibha Samman Samiti.

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