A Karate Black Belt Graduation Ceremony was organised by Kaishogun Karate Martial Arts Academy recently at Zinc Studio, Dlf Phase IV, Gurgaon, where several students  from leading public schools participated with great zeal.

The grading was carried under the superior guidance of internationally reputed Chief Instructor  Sensei Sumit K Virman and Chief technical Instructor Sensei Rajkumar.

The successful candidates were  awarded next kyu grade certificate. The students were offered colour belt that signifies the recipient is  eligible to take  the next step in the practice. “Once the primary movements have been learned - the stances, kicks, punches and blocks - and also the first KATA , a new student is required to take an examination called GRADING, said  Sensei Sumit K Virman.

Students practising Karate participated in belt grading held in Gurgaon institute and displayed excellent performance and their
skills. In that particular batch, several students from different reputed public school also participated and they showed their keen interest in learning this self-defence skills.

There are several benefits of this martial arts. While elaborating on the benefits Sumit Virman says, “ Karate is an extremely sophisticated sport that can improve reflexes, coordination and increases strength, stamina and cardio- vascular workout( heart and lungs) to keep one good health and physics.
All the students participated in black belt graduation with great enthusiasm. They were Nishta Dhoot, Vasudha Krishan, Agastya Mitra, Aashray A. Kamath( Best Performer ), Sohan Chabra. Anuja Mishra showed her excellent skills in Kickboxing.

It is to be noted  Sumit's Karate Classes are being run in Lok Sabha Residential Complex, Sec 2, RK Puram, Delhi. Classes are conducted on regular basis under the assistance of Sumit K Virman and N.Vijay.

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