Celebrated Tamil actor and producer Kamal Haasan and actress Gautami have split. The 48-year-old actress announced the break-up on her blog. In the post titled Life and decisions, Gautami revealed the reason for parting ways with Haasan.

Gautami wrote that she and Haasan are no longer in together and after staying together for 13 years it was one of the most devastating and most difficult decisions in her life. She is a mother first and foremost and she has a responsibility to her child to be the best mother.
in 1998 Gautami was married to businessman Sandeep Bhatia and she has a daughter from this marriage, Subbalakshmi who was born in 1999. Gautami divorced Sandeep in 1999 and since 2005 she and actor Kamal Haasan have been in a live-in relationship.

Gautami on 2st November expressed her feelings about ending the relation. She wrote a heartfelt blog titled ‘Life and decision’ where she wrote that the decision was a difficult one to make and inevitable.
The actress had divorced her first husband in the year 1999. She was in
a live-in relationship with Kamal since 2005. Both Kamal and Gautami didn’t want to get hitched mentioning their lack of faith in the institution of marriage. She is also a cancer survivor. When she was 35 years she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But due to efforts of Kamal and her friends she overcame her tough times and finally she beat cancer.
It is also rumored that Actress Shruti Haasan's differences with Gautami were the reason behind the split between Gautami and her father Kamal Hassan. But a spokesperson the actress has brushed aside such rumors.
 It was often reported that Shruti and Gautami were not on good terms. Both the actress had often fights with each other for various reasons.

A month ago Shruti Haasan was seen for the first time with her father Kamal Hassan in his upcoming directorial venture Naidu where works as costume designer for the film. Shruti did not like Gautami-designed costumes and then the problem arose. They had a big fight on the sets of the movie and the makers had to cancel the shoot for that day.
It is to be noted that Shruti was born to actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur in Chennai. Shruti declined to consider Gautami as her mother.


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