Dr Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a well-known personality in the world of medical science. He is a pioneer in Non-Invasive Cardiology in India.
He is the man behind National Program for Prevention and Eradication of Hear Attack( NPPEHA) which is designed and implemented to make India free from death due to Heart Attack.  While talking about his mission Dr. Bimal Chhajer says, “ The programme educate, assess the present health condition of our citizens and encourage them to restructure their life to avoid the risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Obesity- 5 major whistleblowers of death that leads to Heart Attack and causalities in our country.”  

“To Increase the awareness on personal cardiac health, we have developed a comprehensive approach to combat heart diseases which is the  current silent epidemic in India and presently cause one death in every second,” added Dr Bimal.

“Our campaign is designed as Free Cardiac Medical Test, education and training on the prevention methods and free consultation with a doctor and CVD Counselor. The camp's last procedure is a short training class on ho to use SAAOL Heart  Safety Wheel Apps and follow it for maintaining optimum health. It is also an online medical record for patients to use when one goes to a doctor for consultation," said Dr Bimal.  

Hailing from a Jain family in Kolkatta Dr Chhajer has the vast experience of working different reputed hospitals in India. Afte completing his MBBS from R.K. Kar Medical College, Kolkata, he left Kolkata for Delhi, where he started working in the Department of Cardiology at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.

He then completed his MD from King George's Medical College, Lucknow where he took up a research study to treat heart patients non-invasively. Post MD he worked at the famous All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for six years (1989-1995) as a Senior Resident Doctor and as an Assistant Professor. He also got training in Yoga Therapy.

His research at the AIIMS showed that not only heart patients could prevent Coronary Heart Disease but can also reverse or cure heart disease. Dr. Chhajer, during this period also got trained by Dr. Dean Ornish, who pioneered the lifestyle treatment in the USA and proved Reversal of Heart Disease by his Lifestyle Heart Trial to the medical science.

A particular incident changed his life here and reformed his ideas about the treatment of Cardiac patients. He started advocating Non-Invasive or Preventive Cardiology.

In 1995 based on his past research Dr. Bimal Chhajer resigned from the AIIMS and started practically training and treating heart patients by his new treatment called "SAAOL" Science and Art of Living.

In 1997 Dr. Chhajer opened his second clinic in Mumbai and in due course of time in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Right now he has the chain of hundreds of centres throughout the country.

Today his brainchild "Saaol Heart Program" is a widely accepted treatment program for Reversing Heart Disease - where in addition to the allopathic medicines patients are taught Yoga, Meditation, Zero Oil Cooking, Stress Management, Exercises and Medical Knowledge.

But this is not all about him. He is a writer of par excellence.  Dr. Chhajer has authored about 70 books for heart patients, his numerous lectures are available in the form of VCD, and he is a magnificent teacher of Preventive Cardiology. He has been travelling all over India and World to promote the non-invasive mode of treatment. He also publishes 3 monthly magazines on Heart Care.

To further pursue preventive cardiology and to fight against the extensive use of invasive cardiology, Dr. Chhajer has recently started two more non-invasive treatments in his centre. These are called "PAN Bypass" (called in short form "Natural Bypass") and "Biochemical Angioplasty". Both are very effective and non-invasive procedures, both are time tested, cheap and without any side effects. Both can be practised along with his lifestyle program- "Saaol Heart Program" to make the treatment of coronary heart disease complete.

While talking about the reasons behind the unprecedented increase in the number of heart disease he says, “ drastic lifestyle changes among Indians have led to an unprecedented boom in Cardiac Diseases. Smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol consumption and bad eating habits with reduced physical activities, stress and anxieties are leading the nation to a disaster.”

A quick and effective education on healthy living and heart conditions is important. “All we need is a vaccine, a time-tested vaccine to live right and earn good cardiac health. We call this vaccine as “Edu Vaccine,” an education programme to restructure our lifestyle to make our heart healthy and to enjoy the fruits of healthy life,” he added further.

He has been honoured with several awards and rewards like -

Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Award, 2002

Bhaskar Award for the year 2002 by Bharat Nirman

Samaj Ratna Award by SKJM Samiti, 2004

Rotary International Vocational Award, 2002

Swami Vivekanand Memorial Oration Award from Delhi Medical Association, 2004

MSPI Outstanding Personalities Award by Management Studies Promotion Institute, 1998

Prominent doctors award by Lion’s Club.1998

P.S. Varier Memorial Speech at Arya Vidya Sala, Kottakkal, 1999

Kent Memorial Lecture at Homeopathy Association, 1995

“LBF Visionary Award for Excellence, 2009”by Laksha Bharati Foundation

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