The Pan Bahar advertisement featuring Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnanhad created a huge buzz of criticism among India's advertising watchdog.Actor Pierce Brosnan apologized for his appearance in Pan Bahar -an Indian advertising campaign for a controversial breath freshener, that many people see as a health risk.

The actor said that he was deeply shocked and saddened to know the Pan Bahar product he was advertising may have ingredients that can cause cancer. The popular product, called pan masala in Hindi, is taken after meals. It is blamed for red-colored spit stains across India. It is made up of several ingredients like nuts, herbs, seeds and spices. The studies have shown that it could have harmful health effects.

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has told the manufacturer to clarify why in a potentially unhealthy product advertisement a celeb has been roped in.

The ASCI move comes days after when Mumbai cancer surgeon Pankaj Chaturvedi slammed the actor in an open letter for agreeing to promote a product that  allegedly  carcinogen elements. Already the campaign and the actor have received mostly negative feedback on social networking sites. But advertising industry experts have pointed out that many Bollywood stars have endorsed pan masala products.

Ajay Devgn is with Vimal pan masala, Shah Rukh Khan featured in a Pan Vilas ad, Priyanka Chopra endorsed Rajnigandha, Saif Ali Khan promoted Pan Bahar.

While Brosnan said that he is very affection for India and its people. In fact, Pan Bahar's use of his image was deceptive and unauthorized and a violation of his contract.He agreed to advertise a single product presented as natural containing no supari, tobacco, nor any other harmful ingredient.

He would never have entered into an agreement to promote such a product in India that is dangerous to one's health.

In a message, the actor said that having endured, in his personal life, the loss of his first wife and daughter as well as numerous friends to cancer, he was fully committed to supporting women's health care as well as research programs that improve human health and help in alleviating suffering. The company has grossly manipulated media outlets to make it seem as if he was a brand ambassador for all their products.

The actor said that he will try to rectify the situation and sought apologies to all whom he had offended. The British actor is best known for playing James Bond in four films between 1995 and 2002. 

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