“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day,” said Henry David Thoreau, the well known American poet, essayist, naturalist, historian and practical philosopher. Undoubtedly, it is a great way to start the day, as it provides you the energy that lasts throughout the day. It is like a warm-up exercise before starting your daily routine. Those who follow this lifestyle, need have no worry about their wellness and good health. However, those who prefer to stay in bed and enjoy those comfortable moments, need to study the benefits of morning walks seriously, give it a start, and go ahead. Getting up early is of course a challenge, but once you get a taste of those early morning flavors, you will change your mind. Studies have shown that a half-hour early morning walk is equivalent to two hours spent in exercising in a gym. Besides, the intake of fresh clean air which is a rare commodity nowadays, is not only vital for good health, but a luxury, which only a morning walk can provide.

There is an unending list of benefits that one derives from this addiction - it’s of course a good addiction - and no doubt we are all very much aware and conscious about its good effects. Nevertheless, no matter how regular and determined we are, we need a reminder from time to time that we must try to maintain this routine until our mind and body tells us it’s enough. Therefore, as a reminder, I have put together some valuable information based on my own experience as a regular morning walker, by interacting with other likeminded people, and of course from what the medical science offers us about the positive effects of morning walks.

Let me begin by sharing withyou in a layman’s language, all about the advantages of morning walks pertaining to one’s health and physical wellbeing. It is perhaps one of the best ways of controlling high blood pressure and thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. This is due to the larger intake of oxygen which purifies the blood and burns down unwanted fats. In turn, the cholesterol level in the body gets balanced.

Morning walks also have a very important role to play in strengthening our bones, joints and muscles which tend to lose their power in people who lead a sedentary life. Walking reinforces and lubricates the bones and joints. In aging people particularly, it is known to reduce the risk of falling, and if regularly taken, it even reduces chances of hip fracture. Besides this, a walk in the morning can even help prevent osteoporosis. In fact, walking as compared to higher impact activities like aerobics is safer and easier on the joints. Furthermore, the continuous moving of joints increases the blood circulation which is essential for one’s health in general. G.M.Travelyan, the well known Historian once remarked, “I have two doctors, my right leg and my left leg.”

Walking is a boon for diabetic patients as it has been proved that it reduces the risk of increasing the body’s sugar level.

However, good health does not only mean having a sound and disease-free body. It includes a long list of mental health benefits as well. It goes a long way in reducing depression and stresses of modern life, gives better sleep and increases the appetite. Moreover, you can make a morning walk very interesting and enjoyable for yourself as well as for those whom you meet. Just a wave of the hand or a handshake; a smile, a salutation or a greeting; an exchange of pleasantries; inquiring about each other’s health; discussing politics; indulging in local gossip and community affairs; laughing and enjoying a joke or two, an occasional tea session on aSunday morning, is bound to make your day pleasant. If you ever happen to turn your steps towards H-5 Park in DLF City-I on any morning, you will come across a vibrant group of morning walkers taking full advantage of this exciting and spirited activity . You are most welcome to join us. This kind of socializing will add to your years and prevent mental deterioration which comes with age.

Moreover, nature is at its best in the morning, and one must take a walk and enjoy its beauties .The chirping of birds, the squirrels scampering up the trees, the tender green leaves sprouting on the branches of trees, the greenery, the magic of the early morning light and the mesmerising beauty of the sunrise - it is guaranteed that all these will take the blues away and calm your agitated nerves, and you will experience a sense of happiness and well being. It is even the best remedy for a short temper! Did you know that the best ideas are conceived while walking during the peaceful morning hours?

All morning walkers I am sure will agree wholeheartedly that a morning walk undoubtedly keeps one physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It is a habit one must never give up. It is the easiest and most economical way of keeping stress-free and disease-free. So the sooner you get started, the better. All you require is an indomitable will, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.


The Article is Written by- Pravina Bhim Sain

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